Ayodele Fayose: Buhari’s First Casualty As President, By Eneh John

By Eneh John

“Knowledge helps men to identify with conduct that is distant from sneering remarks.”-Eddie Asukwo

The Governor of Ekiti State, runs contrary to the above quote.

One will expect that for someone who holds such a revered office in the state, he should be of good example and a model worth emulating.

But all these are absent, when the name Fayose is mentioned.

He has left the governance of his state and dwelt on campaigns of calumny against the leading opposition presidential candidate.

Fayose, may I remind you that Ekiti State ranks top among the least developed states in Nigeria.

A state where riding Okada seems to be the viable business and the Fayose market mainly occupied by the igbos in doing their businesses and contributing to the growth of the state.

Can Fayose name one viable thing that is working in the state, or the developments in terms of infrastructures?

An impeached governor who was smuggled back into government house through a fraud electoral process which only the courts can decide his fate on the elections.

The much publicised rigging tape by Captain Sagir involving Fayose and his team of riggers still exposes the rot in our electoral system and the biased nature of our military institution.

The signs are getting clearer.

Goodluck Jonathan once said,”Even the blind can see.”

Fayose, undoubtedly, will become Buhari’s first casualty when he becomes president.

We have nothing in our minds to doubt that Fayose may go the way he went in his first missionary journey to government house.

He will be running and seeking for help just the way he did when he was desperately seeking a return to government house and even wrote an apology letter to Obasanjo.

The same Obasanjo he is castigating today.

The same Buhari he is running propaganda against.

Politics is a game of interest.

In one of my published articles entitled: AYODELE FAYOSE:THE MISTAKE GOVERNOR OF EKITI STATE.

I expected that this man must have learnt something.

But he proves to be a bad student who refuses to learn.

All the gimmicks displayed and his vociferous attacks on Buhari are mere  defence mechanisms to be seen to be working for Jonathan.

It is the likes of Fayose that has made Jonathan to grow unpopular everyday.

You don’t attack always.

But Fayose’s launch of massive attacks on Buhari and Obasanjo needs a reprisal response.

The day Buhari is announced as president, I bet you that Fayose will offer the first congratulatory message.

He loves his position as a governor, but he doesn’t know how to keep it.

He has become Buhari’s campaign aide.

Leaving his job as a governor and you think he is working for Jonathan?

The more propaganda he runs against Buhari, the more votes he convinces Nigerians for him.

If Buhari emerges, our earnest wish is that he forgives the many sins of Fayose against him.

But I cannot assure Fayose that Obasanjo will forgive him.

But will only wish his ouster as governor.

This write up is not a prediction because am not a seer, it is a reminder on Fayose to learn from history so that today’s joy will not be tomorrow’s regrets.


Eneh John is a Journalist and Secretary,Coalition of Human Rights Defenders.(CORHD)
E-mail: [email protected]