Chibok girls: When shall we see?

On Thursday 14 th August, it will mark 4 months since the abduction of over 200 girls from government secondary school Chibok, Borno state. The abduction of the girls is both a tragedy and a national terror that could have earned a national holiday and lowering of Nigerian flag had it been the government is serious. The abduction of the girls serves as a De novo for mass abduction especially of young ladies in Nigeria.

For history, this is a De javu for what happened to Aboke girl of Uganda in 1994. Also, the Aboke girls abduction relate to similitude of Chibok girls abduction. As for Aboke girls, the last of the abducted girls was seen in 2006, that is, 12 years after their initial abduction in 1994. Around 5 others died in the hands of their captors.

It is over 120 days since the incidence in Chibok secondary school. Both local and international experts are involved in the operation but yet these innocent children’s were about is still unknown talk less of seeing them freed. Is only God that knows the feelings of the parents especially with the new trend of female suicide bombers.

Had it been the abduction of Chibok girls was in another country not in Nigeria, that could have cause the fall of the government. Had it been it was in Japan, a day after, the Prime Minister will resign. In their Culture, one might even commit suicide for falling on responsibility. Japan has seen 6 Prime Ministers in 5 years. Or Had it been it was in Britain, also the government will resign like that which happened to Godon Brown. Or in Germany where a minister resigned because of plagiarism. Or in USA, where a secretary of state resigned for finding out that he was mislead to telling a liar to the public.

But in Nigeria, nothing did happened. No body resigned. Even when there was a immigration tragedy, no body resigned. Even after subsidy demonstration killings, no body did resigned. In fact even after the finding that $ 20 billion is missing, no body did resigned. Nigeria is just a different country where every body is on his own. Even the people seems less concern about what happens to others.

The government must redouble it effort in ensuring security and social welfare. The freeing of those girls must remain the paramount contemporary goal of the government now.

Comrade Abdulbaqi Aliyu Jari Katsina
Katsina local government council
Katsina state.