Documentary: The Lies Of AIT/GEJ, by Barcanista from Nairaland

AIT/GEJ Lied To Nigerians

1. Fela NEVER mentioned Buhari in $N2.8B scandal. He mentioned OBJ. AIT edited that part off.

2. Buhari did not expel Ghanians from Nigeria. Shagari of the NPN did. AIT made a FALSE assertion.

3. Gloria Okon did not disappear under Buhari it was under IBB and Dele Giwa was murdered for it.

4. GEJ went so low to bring Buhari’s daughters into politics. Can one use Dame’s inability to bear a child as a campaign issue?

5. Fela’s mother the GREAT Funmilayo Kuti died after OBJ Kalakuta in 1978 Buhari came into power in 1984.

6. All Politicians that was sentenced to prison by the 1984 Military Tribunal were found to either enrich themselves with public funds or diverted public funds. Non were convicted by fiat

7. GEJ and AIT went after Buhari ’s late wife and daughter. How low and desperate can Jonathan get?

8. AIT/GEJ alleged that Buhari has been losing since 1999. This is a lie. Buhari’s first shot was in 2003. In 1999 Chief Olu Falae of ANPP/AD contested against Obj.

9. AIT/GEJ criticised Buhari for Heading PTF Board. Whereas, PTF is till date the most successful parastatal ever in Nigeria. Through PTF, the Amazon Dora Akunyili was known.

Vote for GMB/APC for Change in Nigeria. PDP propaganda is distasteful and obscene. Should be condemned by all.

The AIT documentary on Buhari will not make him less popular. President Jonathan is still playing catch up…