Examining The Stooges And Their Godfathers: Akpabio Like Udom; Orji And Ikpeazu, By Eneh John

By Eneh John,

Nigeria’s political space has been overtaken by the godfather, godson syndrome.

Examples abound in Nigeria, but we will examine the above stated who are bent to install their stooges on the people at all cost. Irrespective of what or how the people in the state feels.

It is common knowledge to understand that Akpabio and his Abia state counterpart will stop at nothing to deliver the seat of power in their states to their stooges cum political sons.

While Akpabio would have bowed out succesfully from office as governor, he wants his shadow to still linger in government house Uyo for another four years, if he succeeds in his plan to foist Udom Emmanuel on his people.

We must do the bidding of the master. That is the assignment of Udom and Ikpeazu which is to be handed to them by their political benefactors.

Akpabio was never a product of godfatherism, but he has turned himself to the lord of the ring in Akwa Ibom.

If he was God,he will command men to worship him.

To Akpabio, only Udom can cover his dirty deals.

The people who profess “Udom Udom” today, do that, not for the love they have for him, but for percuniary benefits attached to singing and shouting.

Some being coerced to either support him or be shipped out.

Why will one man determine the collective destiny of Akwa Ibomites?

A state enriched with intellectuals and rich in oil and mineral resources.

Just like T.A Orji came from the prison to become governor.

He was foisted on Abians by his erstwhile benefactor,Orji Uzor Kalu.

With his fear of not returning to prison, he jumped ship to PDP from PPA to save his neck.

Just as his former political godfather brought him, he is determined that Ikpeazu must govern Abia state.

But Abians have risen.

A state that cries for development from the outset.

A state T.A Orji pocketed for almost eight years of his administration without projects to show.

Accepting Ikpeazu as governor from T.A Orji is like eating with the devil with bare hands without even a spoon.

Abians are not fools.

Was T. AOrji actually a mistake?

Just as Lucky Dube in one of his albums said,”how long shall we kill our prophets; while we stand aside and watch.”

How long shall Abians wait for development?

A vote for Ikpeazu is a vote for underdevelopment.

It’s a vote for the return of T.A Orji’s 2007-2015 reign.

Never again should Akwa Ibomites and Abians look on.

This world is a stage.

Why is Akpabio and Orji refusing to bow out honourably?

Why do these men feel they should determine who succeeds them instead of the people deciding?

Enough of this impunity and imposition.

Until Nigerians rise to defend their destinies, we may still find ourselves on the cross roads of stooges being left for us in government.

The time to act is here.


Eneh John is a Journalist and Secretary, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders(COHRD)

E-mail: [email protected]