#FACT: The North Is More Populated… PVCs And Voters Registers Break Years Fable


by Lekan Abayomi

We have to deal with it. The north has a much higher population than the south of Nigeria. It is time Nigerians accept this reality and stop pretending and otherwise acting contentious on purpose. The INEC voters register and PVS registration has ended a decades long debate.

And don’t try to pitch that ‘underage voters’ crap. Those pictures were staged like Hollywood. If Femi Aribisala with his new placard that goes, “The innovation of the Permanent Voters Cards is designed to permanently disenfranchise the South. If this is not redressed immediately, the North will always determine the winner in Nigerian elections;” doubts the population figures, he simply needs unleash investigators on the INEC database to confirm the registered voters.

The north has the numbers. As our columnist has mentioned, Harold Smith was only a hoax. Why are Aribisala and others so scared of voters cards? They should simply push for better verification of age and metrics. Why is it that all of a sudden it appears the ‘south’ is too illiterate to use the thumb print machine? Yet that ‘illiterate’ north can handle it?

The truth stares us in the face. The fertile north, Nigeria’s food basket — food determines population — and a region that spans 80% of Nigeria’s land mass (another fact many who debate the numbers do not know) is loaded with people. Oyedepo too who raised this in Church should adjust to this reality.

We  should all be friends and proud of our numbers. each number represents a unique human being, not a goat. We should embrace each other and not keep trying to diminish our selves.