Why We Fled To Cameroon – Nigerian Soldiers


Nigerian soldiers who fled to neighboring Cameroon three days ago have revealed to sources why they fled.

They ran because they were out of ammunition and could no longer withstand the superiorly armed Boko Haram terrorists.

Being under-armed by the army chiefs and running out of equipment or having substandard equipment is the most common, repeated reason why the Nigerian military is unable to defeat Boko Haram and why troops have been deserting the army.

The Nigerian army chiefs are accused with the Presidency of embezzling money for the equipping of the military, leading to a sabotaged army that is slaughtered in Boko Haram’s successful quests.

Boko Haram video shows Nigerian soldiers fleeing
Boko Haram video shows Nigerian soldiers fleeing

Boko Haram released a video this weekend in which they showed Nigerian soldiers fleeing for their life. There was absolutely no Nigerian air force seen in the video providing support and bombing the freely operating terrorists from the sky. Nigerian terrorists operate successfully and freely with no fear of the Nigerian army and particularly air force. In the video, they once again thanked the Nigerian military chiefs as they emptied stores of Nigerian ammunition and carted these away from military bases they conquered. Boko Haram is continuously directly armed by the Nigerian army chiefs in such raids.

The 480 Nigerian soldiers who fled to Cameroon have been repatriated and are being debriefed. They face a two year sentencing for the offence, however Nigerians soldiers rather die or be jailed than be put as ducks, with no proper ammunition, to be slaughtered by the terrorists.

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