Igbos, Don’t Be Afraid To Vote For Change And Against Corruption, by Temple Osuala

by Temple Osuala

President Goodluck Jonathan, I’m Igbo, a true Nigerian and I assure you that the great Igbo I know will disgrace you in the poll this time. The are awake and resolute, they are saying enough of deception, disunity and liars. They will vote massively for Buhari of APC on 28th of March 2015.

My dear great Igbos, don’t be afraid to vote against corruption and change. This will bring a new direction to our nation. We don’t have anything to lose. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Jonathan have brought more harm than good to the Igbo tribe and Nigeria as a whole. We live with this terrible situation every single day. Jonathan had the greatest opportunity to unite Nigerians of all tribes and ethnic groups and all religions but he chose to be divisive and corrupt. Now who is Jonathan going to blame but himself, because the people of Nigeria will elect Buhari of APC. No amount of rigging will stop that now.

Even a blind person can see it. Nigeria has got worse since 6 years ago and will collapse if we don’t rescue Nigeria from Jonathan grip. Power corrupts incompetent and visionless people and absolute power corrupt absolutely. Jonathan, you are highly corrupted and irredeemable.

I ask all Igbo to march for Buhari, vote for Buhari and cherish this moment of change blowing around Nigeria. It is for the interest of all God’s people.
Our problem is not religion or tribe or outdated mindset of civil war but corruption in religion, politics and among our people.

I’m Igbo and I’m not for sale, I do my duty to my people, the nation Nigeria, to God and humanity. The teams and group I represent are highly patriotic people who love their nation, Nigeria so much and wish it well.

I’m not paid and I’m not a tool for anyone to use. We need vision, love, cultural synergy, personal mastering and system thinking.

My dear great Nigerians, don’t be afraid to vote against corruption and change. We have nothing to lose, the world has changed and will continue to change. Democracy provides opportunity to change our leaders often. Change is a good thing. Nigeria is no one’s property and Nigeria is bigger than one man.