REVEALED: Jonathan’s Latest Plan- To Violently Disrupt March 28th Elections on D-Day

Dasuki and Jonathan opened the nation's treasury for free looting

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According to our undercover presidency sources, the latest plan being concocted by the increasingly desperate Jonathan government is to disrupt the March 28th presidential elections at election time.

According to the latest information, the president of Nigeria and his club of power desperadoes have realized that using the army or state of insecurity to postpone the elections again as was done before would be impossible with the position of Nigeria’s masses and the global attention; hence their latest plan is to allow the elections hold on March 28th but on that date, activate terror bombings in the north and violence in the Niger delta to disrupt the process and precipitate an emergency military interim government.

While still trying to bribe the National assembly to postpone the transition, scuttling the electoral process via violence on D-day is the latest decided upon strategy agreed upon by the presidency and the embattled minister of petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke, one of the most determined executives bent on preventing a Buhari/Osinbajo ‘integrity’ government.

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It has been noticed that ‘Abubakar Shekau’ the Boko Haram leader has taken it upon himself to aggressively campaign to disrupt the elections, with the group even miraculously invading Gombe town in Gombe state just to distribute flyers to this effect. The terrorist leader went as far as saying in a recent video, that disrupting the elections is their greatest mission even if it is their last. This sudden position by the terrorists that never came up before when the elections were slated for February 14th, but suddenly came up after the postponement and coincided with the push by the PDP government for the same disruption of the transition process, has raised questions in observers and analysts minds.

Meanwhile sources pointed to the president of Nigeria’s recent proclamation that the elections will not be shifted again; explaining that this was true as the Jonathan government meant to keep that promise after recognizing the impossibility and potential ruckus of any enforced shift and deciding that disruption was the best new strategy.