Fighter Jets Drop Boko Haram Flyers In Adamawa Again Warning Against Voting


boko haram joker2Fighter jets which can only be military jets [that can be flying in Nigerian airspace] have been seen dropping Boko Haram propaganda flyers in Gombi, Adamawa state.

There was confusion in Gombi as the jets dropped flyers of a sort of Boko Haram splinter group as it appears, containing apology messages to the people but at the same time warning them once again to not go to the polls in the postponed March 28th general elections.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Boko Haram has distributed flyers warning northerners not to go to the polls. The last episode, Boko Haram surprisingly briefly captured Gombe town, Gombe state and distributed such flyers before leaving.

As the group is finally being defeated this last hour by the Jonathan government that sees the terminating of Boko Haram, critical to attempt to rescue an impending ruling party defeat, the group seems to be sending out last messages against the polls as the last duty in their ‘contract’.

Analysis of the messages showed spellings and pronunciations that appeared Nigerien or Chadian and not Nigerian Hausa.

The flyers were signed by towns, Gamboru, Damask and Alagamo.

In a video we published Yesterday, Boko Haram leader, “Abubakar Shekau” once again took the elections very seriously and swore that even if they die in the process, they will try to disrupt the elections.

Boko Haram making a quick run to distribute anti-voting flyers in Gombe town last week
Boko Haram making a quick run to distribute anti-voting flyers in Gombe town last week

It appears Boko Haram is very interested as with the ruling People’s Democratic Pary, PDP to shelve the elections that favor the anti-corruption opposition candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari.

Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah
Nigeria’s Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

Boko Haram also appears hell-bent on trying to reduce the population who will go out to vote in Nigeria’s north. From recent rallies, the opposition has swept the north and has almost 90% support with about 74% support in the south of the nation, while the ruling party has had very little support in Nigeria and less still in the nation’s north.

Since the defeat of the ruling party became apparent with the February 14th presidential polls having had to be shifted by the ruling party to prevent an early defeat, Boko Haram seems to be aggressively promoting agenda to obstruct the democratic process including with videos and tweets on its new twitter handle and flyers distributed successfully in unusual locations in spite of the full military clampdown.

A rough translation is at bottom.

The latest letters are below:



We started this jihad of Ahlis sunna lidda awati together as one. We sleep together, we eat and drink together. We studied the Holy Quran and prayed together in the early days of this Jihad. Those of us that are doing the work of God for the past 5yrs today. We have to realize today that we are being used for selfish and corrupt reasons. We have reached a situation whereby our leaders are enjoying and we are suffering in the name of jihad.

The Holy Quran in 8;61 has told us that the religion of islam of peace. Again the Holy Quran has been very clear on the rules of jihad in 2;190. And again in 6;151 that no one should kill and that life is sacred and it belongs to God.

Though we started good(in honor) with preaching and teaching rules of Islam. We have woken up today to burn villages and kill those who have done nothing to us especially Christians without any just cause. We have sent people away from their homes and villages. And we have killed Muslims even though the Quran has forbidden so in 4;-29-30. All the properties we found in those villages and towns were parked and sold on the streets of Ndjamena Chad, Bosso Niger, and Fotokol Cameroon. And the proceed went to their pockets calling themselves our leaders. even though its supposed to be for our jihad. And calling for more in destroying our country for no reason.