Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir Claims CIA, MOSSAD Behind Boko Haram, ISIS: Watch Full Video

In an exclusive interview with Euronews’ Mohammed Shaikh ibrahim, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir accuses Israeli and American secret services of supporting Islamic extremist groups such as ISIL. (and Boko Haram)

Bashir defends himself against charges of genocide and war crimes brought against him by the International Criminal Court for atrocities in Darfur that he is said to have ordered (more context on that here).

He also shares his thoughts on the secession of South Sudan in 2011 and explains why he will be standing to run again for election later this year.


  • Says that the CIA and Mossad are the only organisations with something to gain from the rise of ISIL
  • Claims Israeli actions against Palestinians make it easier for ISIL to recruit
  • Insists Sudan has succesfully tackled Islamic extremism on its soil thanks to re-education of young would-be jihadists