Why Does President Jonathan Give Life To Boko Haram Terrorists?

Mar. 25, 2014

Every time another Life sentence is bestowed upon Boko Haram terrorists convicted for the mass murder of Nigerian and foreign citizens, Doctor Amadi jr.. of Muslims Against Terror sends me another email complaining bitterly. He also sends me emails when morally sensitive governor’s of our States sentence ‘mere’ armed robbers to death. He asks me in a rather frustrated tone, ‘why does Jonathan always spare these terrorists?’ I have been unable to answer him. Indeed it is very frustrating and a betrayal to the point of being abominable and raises questions on the intention and possible affection of this government towards terror that has destroyed the north and Nigeria as a whole.

Why the immoral compassion toward terrorists who are proud and confess to their desire to kill, kill, kill? Why do armed robbers who may not even yet have killed anyone get deaths sentences, while murderous terrorists who do nothing other than rape and kill get Life? The Bible, the President’s Holy Book I believe, states clearly and unequivocally that ‘whoever kills must be killed.’ the Quran, the Holy Book, I believe of our NSA, Sambo Dasuki, states in no unclear terms that killers of innocent people must be killed in return. Nigeria’s constitution also clearly prescribes the death sentence for murderers. These are not just murderers, these are mass murderers. These terrorists murder not just individuals, but communities, states and the nation. Why does the President portray ‘love’ for them? It is plain evil to spare such killers. Simply evil.

In the news, ladies who were abducted into Boko Haram camps narrated the horrific ordeal of how they were raped and how dozens of kidnapped victims were forced at knife-edge point to either fight for Boko Haram or die. They described gorily how up to 50 men were slaughtered at a time by these lunatics. Are these the type of people our government has ‘sympathy’ for and gives lenient sentences to in violation of our constitution, the Bible and the Quran? If asked, even Boko Haram terrorists will opt for death for their acts.

Many are asking why President Jonathan does not visit areas where our people are being slaughtered in the north. Many are asking why the President does not even make public statements expressing sorrow and worry after events of mass carnage by terrorists in the north. Does he have an anti-north agenda, some are asking? Is Boko Haram fulfilling his deep-seated dreams and desires? Is this why his government has not arrested a single strategic sponsor of Boko Haram? Is this why unlike late president Umaru Yar’Adua who quickly exterminated the terrorists, this President gives them Life, so they may be released someday in the future or be busted out of jail shortly as happens repeatedly? Why their camps sometimes with as many as 700 cars are ‘not discovered,’ on time by our army up here. Is this why they can drive in in 20 vehicle convoys, operate for 8 hours and leave without being eradicated? Why should Nigeria waste public funds accommodating and feeding these killers for life? What kind of deterrent to terror is a life sentence?

The recent statements the President made in Namibia have provoked deep reflection and anguish among Nigerians, especially those living in the north. The President referred to the north as some ‘foreign’ region, outside his domain and what he considered Nigeria. He admitted using kid gloves for these Boko Haram menaces; further stating that it is because “‘Nigerians’ live everywhere, even in those parts (the north),” that he is now being more serious about the problem. He further rather disturbingly went on to say that his upping his ‘war’ against the terrorists a little bit was because people in other areas (the South presumably) were worried that if not contained the terror could begin to get to them. Is this truly his feelings about the north and his connection to the terror that has destroyed life, property and hope in that region? What is the explanation of this eery love for Boko Haram terrorists…further seen by the President and his NSA’s desire to negotiate and reward these barbaric killers with an Amnesty, contrary to the wishes of all God fearing Nigerians; a ‘love’ and reward that he does not even offer the brave Civilian JTF youth who die in pursuit of the terrorist from their bullets and the bombs of our air force, to give life to their communities?

At no time has the call and need for regional governments been more pressing. I feel really sorry for people who live in Nigeria’s north.

Dear President Jonathan, dear NSA Sambo Dasuki and dear Minister of defense, and ex-NSA Aliyu Mohammed Gusau; why do you give Life to Boko Haram terrorists?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian