Some Real And Truthful Information About ISIS… You Need To Know This

by: Julie Telgenhoff
I vacillated back and forth as to what to use to explain this ISIS operation and planned crisis. There were two options:
The first option is an excellent article, which is based upon a TV interview with the founder of Jihadist movement in Egypt, and a former top Al-Qaeda commander, Sheikh Nabil Naiim, who was introduced by the TV presenter as: ‘the former founder of Jihad Organization & expert in Islamist groups’.
I ran this information by my global partner network to verify the authenticity of the translation, and it is valid. Then, I was told that Sheikh Nabil Naiim’s knowledge and information is about 90% correct as I’m confident that no one except ‘the powers the be’ (tptb) know all the in-depth strategies (psyops) and information that are planned and played out to divide, conquer and destabilize countries and people, but it doesn’t discount the interview and information being reported.
The second option is a 24 minute video interview with geo-political analyst and Syrian political activistMimi Al Laham, otherwise known as SyrianGirlpartisan.
I chose to post the video interview with Mimi Al Laham. However, I highly recommend reading the interview with Sheikh Nabil Naiim because it will go into so much more indepth knowledge and some of the information is truly shocking. 


Bottom line is this:  We are all being controlled, fooled and divided into hating and killing each other off by ‘the powers that be’ (tptb).
This is how ALL power has and continues to reign over a larger populous: DIVIDE AND CONQUER …PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS (PSYOPS) ORDER OUT OF CHAOS and finally ….being good slaves to all of the above, we agree to their HEGELIAN DIALECTIC (Problem, Reaction, Solution) and the cycle continues. There will never be peace, only control and tyranny.
Therefore, if you contribute to any of it, then you deserve what you get.
What do I mean by that statement?
If you are a Sunni Muslim killing Shiites or fellow Sunnis because you’re fooled into some moron’s interpretation of a religion (the TRUE religion of Islam would never condone this; it is a religion of Peace), then you deserve all the chaos and hell you are doing and will get in the end.
ISIS and/or al-CIA-da/Nusra Front Fighters, etc. may give you temporary funding, drugs, major fiat, weapons, power, hookers, etc. but you are still being controlled, manipulated and a complete ignorant idiot. Even Sheikh Nabil Naiim calls you ignorant and stupid.
“I argued with their top sheikh (cleric) – Salafists, Salafist Jihadist and Takfiris, these are 3 different samples, all of them are ignorant.”   – Sheikh Nabil Naiim (source)
Do you really think you’ll ever be in a top power position with any of these created, radical, crazy groups let alone in with ‘the powers that be’ (tptb)? No, in the end, once they’re done with you, you’ll be either tortured, killed or both. You’re considered a “useless idiot”. The truth is that ‘the powers that be’ (tptb) would NEVER allow any of these extremist groups to become large enough to reign over them (tptb). They’ll just cut off your funding and then create another type of propagated extremist killing group to target you or your kind. You lose either way. You’re a tool, a fool and a complete idiotic moron.
If you are an American Christian and are still being controlled and fooled by your 501c government tax exempt on donations church (psyop …there never was separation of church and state) putting the fear in you about ALL Muslims being evil and telling you that Islam is a hateful, radical religion that worships the devil so you must hate and fear all Muslims, then you deserve all the chaos and hell that will be coming your way, and you will get in the end.
To both the Muslims/Arabs and the Christians, they are using religions and race to divide the people and all for the a dangerous political movement that uses religion as its guise called Political Zionism. It’s called the Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan” that pertains to the formation of “Greater Israel” and constitutes the cornerstone of POWERFUL Zionist factions. Greater Israel would create a number of proxy States that would include parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, the Sinai, as well as parts of Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
So Christians, stop the “God Bless Israel” when the entire country is being reigned by a dangerous and radical movement called Political Zionism; it’s infiltrated every facet of the USofA Inc, including our religious institutions. The reason you should read the interview with Sheikh Nabil Naiim is because he will tell you flat out that all these extremist groups that you fear, guess where they get treated when injured? In Israel, in Tel Aviv hospitals.
“No, I am telling you I was once in charge of a camp of 120 men and we were spending that time thousands (of Dollars), imagine how much this ISIS is spending?! Let me tell you something.. The wounded from ISIS during (terrorist) operations, are they being treated here in Lebanon? No, neither in Syria, nor in Saudi nor in Egypt, where do they go? They go to Israel. Now as we speak there are 1,500 of ISIS & Nusra (Front) are in Tel Aviv hospitals.”  – Sheikh Nabil Naiim (source)

How’s that for a major psychological operation (PSYOP)?


In addition, this Political Ideology of Zionism controls the USofA INC (We’re a corporation, you know that right?) Congress when they want war, and they use the US military as their cannon fodder for these wars. The lobby group (and others below it) is called AIPAC. If one chooses to remain as ignorant as their fellow Muslim/Arabs falling victim to a political religious ideology (ie. ISIS/al-CIA-da/Nursa), go for it; you’re one in the same falling for political Zionism. Or you can read up on AIPAC HERE. But, please, do your own research, too. You are allowed to question. Man-made rules told you not to question and then said you’re unfaithful for doing so.
Their goal is to divide the region in order to achieve Israel’s security.
Your owners destabilize, divide and then fund both sides of all this horrendous, murderous craziness. This is where the ‘Order Out Of Chaos” works for them.
After watching this video interview with geopolitical analyst and Syrian political activist, Mimi Al Laham, please continue reading the rest of the article. Thank you.

As said before, “No one rules if no one obeys!”


For Americans, If you want all the corruption, all the theft, all the mass murder disguised as wars for freedom to end, all you have to do is stop participating in it.
Don’t join the military or the police, or any government job. Stop the left vs right BS paradigm and if you choose to vote, don’t vote for any of their chosen puppets, get involved, connected and find some non-corrupted peon and do a write in or for local politics, run yourself. Or don’t vote.
STOP paying your illegal federal income taxes.
Stop consuming so much and feeding their central bank that charges interest on every note printed. Get out of debt. Save for that rainy day.
Stop going to movies that support their controlled Hollywood, support local artist vs the music industry puppets.
This list could go on and on and on with growing gardens. supporting local businesses only vs corporations, etc etc. etc.
For the Muslims/Arabs or any human considering joining these extremist movements such as ISIS, don’t fall for theses radical fake religious groups that pimp a religion that they’ve created man-made rules for in order to get you killing other Muslims. These leaders are being lied to. They will NEVER be of any power once there is no use for them; same goes for you.
Theses religious conflicts, created and funded by the people that really hate you, are to destabilize your countries and depopulate by Muslims killing Muslims, Sunni vs Shiite and you really think this is the big plan that Allah created?
And because all this craziness is being perpetrated on the peons, the slaves, who represent the larger global populous, do you really think the evil owners want unity or division? Common sense would dictate that they rule if you continue to play into their created games of division and infighting to which in the end will always end in check mate for you.
The message here is not to give you something to fight against, but rather to show you that if you’re fighting against something, you’re a slave to it and will never be free nor be doing the work of whatever your religion TRULY stands for. Start questioning and then applying common sense.

No One Rules If No One Obeys!

Seriously, this really isn’t that difficult to figure out. The money god only lasts a short while, and it will never give you safety when your owners will always have control over their “useless idiots” and/or “useless eaters”.
You’re a slave forever. So unite and perhaps this global unity can destroy the evil controlling all of us, or divide and love your servitude and hell. It’s that simple.
And to the puppet leaders of all these countries, you could be wiped out tomorrow. You have NO security. You are as much a slave as those you are currently given temporary control over. But, you will never be a part of true ruling power structure.

Interview with Sheikh Nabil Naiim: 

Below is the interview with the founder of Jihadist movement in Egypt and a former top Al-Qaeda commander, Sheikh Nabil Naiim’s interview conducted by pan Arab Al-Maydeen TV. This is an excellent read, but if you are not familiar with Middle East events and ideologies, you may have difficulty in understanding some of the information. Just know that we are all being played.
Please note one of the key quotes from this interview:
“This is a conspiracy against the region, and I told you Netenyahu & Dick Cheney put the Clean Break Plan in the year 1998, and it’s destroying 4 countries, they start with Iraq, then Syria then Egypt then Saudi Arabia. It’s called Clean Break Plan (PNAC), well known.. Using radical groups in the region.”  – Sheikh Nabil Naiim (source)

Read and/or watch the interview with Sheikh Nabil Naiim its entire HERE:

As the interviewed Sheikh Nabil Naiim suggested several times in the interview, to gain a broader understanding, it is suggested that you start by reading everything you can find about the document “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” and the document itself. It is a Political Zionist Plan for advancing Israeli interests and this extremist ideology cares not for Jew or Gentile.
In addition, re-reading the transcript of the interview vs watching the video translation, will help to give you a better understanding of what Nabil Naiim is attempting to explain.
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