SEE: Nigerian Army Caught Pretending With Fake Gwoza Signpost

Contrary to the claims by the Defence HQ, that Gwoza, the headquarters of Boko Haram’s caliphate, is not yet under Nigerian Army control.

The Defence Headquarters had earlier tweeted that the town had been liberated this morning from the insurgents.

Speaking off the record, an officer said that indeed troops were on the ground in Gwoza, but that as of the time of this conversation, that fighting was still ongoing.

“The announcement was made because my bosses are trying to please Mr. President who announced that the town would be liberated by today,” said our source.

MOPOL headquarters, 11 kilometres from Gwoza town was retaken 3 days ago by the NA. Gwoza town is still being contested as we speak. –AS

The signpost was meant to be in Gwoza however after careful examination Nigerians on Nairaland quickly noticed that two men were trying to hide behind the legs of the soldiers posing in front. The fake signpost was put in a gutter for the photo-op



gwoza-3 gwoza-21

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