Transnational Boko Haram: Nigeria North Under Foreign Invasion With FGN Cooperation

Mamman Nur

NewsRescue-At this point, we feel safe to conclude that Nigeria’s north has been under foreign invasion and the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan with his army Chiefs has cooperated with the invaders and promoted the invasion, while knowingly utilizing it as a political tool to accuse and diminish his perceived opponents. By so doing, President Jonathan intentionally kept the nation distracted to enable the success of the northern populace decimating, strategic foreign invasion.

Please view below some of the sects main leaders. Boko Haram II leaders. It is noted that Boko Haram was founded in 2010. The Yusufiyyah movement was crushed by late President Yar’Adua in 2009. The Yusufiyyah movement, Boko Haram I is very different from Boko Haram II of Jonathan’s era.

Mamman Nur, Mohammed Yusuf’s Deputy (Cameroon)

Mamman Nur
Mamman Nur

Mamman Nur’s is a leader with transnational influences and contacts, such as al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al-Shabaab, the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), Mokhtar Belmokhtar’s factions, al-Qaeda core and other militant groups in Africa.


Nur, a Cameroon citizen, became leader of Boko Haram following clashes with Nigerian security forces that resulted in Shekau being detained during July 2009. Shekau’s official announcement of the formation of Boko Haram during July 2010 included the threat that any person opposing him would be killed.  Fear amongst the original Yusuf fighters set in.  As a close follower of Yusuf, Nur left Nigeria.

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Nur reportedly fled to East Africa (Somalia) and trained with al-Shabaab and AQIM militants. On his return to Nigeria, Nur planned the UN bombing in August 2011, which was the largest Boko Haram attack on the Nigerian capital until April of 2014. Rumours also indicate that Nur may have also taken part in the Federal Police Headquarters attack in Abuja on June 16, 2011. If Nur coordinated the Federal Police HQ attack then, it would further confirm that there is a secondary, more transnational, Boko Haram cell in operation. The Federal Police HQ attack was planned from Boko Haram’s stronghold in Kano with two Nigerians who trained with a well-known AQIM facilitator named Kambar in Algeria.

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Abubakar Shekau I (Niger Republic)

Shekau I, killed August 2013
Shekau I, killed August 2013

The leader of the Boko Haram sect Imam Abubakar Shekau hails from Niger Republic, according to the report of a Senate joint committee that investigated the deadly violence in Baga town of Borno State in April.

Shekau is widely believed to be from Shekau village of Yobe State, but the Senate committee in its report submitted yesterday said Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima told visiting senators that the man was actually from the neighbouring Republic of Niger.

The report, a copy obtained by Daily Trust, said senators were told that “although the Boko Haram sect members have some Chadians and Cameroonians within their midst about 80 per cent of them are of Kanuri tribe, adding that the leader of the sect Abubakar Shekau is a Kanuri from Niger Republic.”

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Abu Mahjin (Chad)

abu mahjinAbu Mahjin comes into the picture at the initiation of Boko Haram II. United States intelligence officers first picked the scent of his terror sponsorship activities in Nigeria in 2009. A Wikileaks document gives: “Abu-Mahjin (Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) number 24350378), who has limited ties to al-Qa’ida associates, recently traveled to Nigeria. He may be planning to conduct or facilitate a terrorist operation. Indeed, tearline from May 1 claimed, “An Islamic extremist named Abu-Muhjin has recently been in northeast Nigeria. It is likely that he will be joined by other Islamic extremists in the coming weeks.” More recent tearline stated, “Nigerian-based probable Chadian extremist Abu-Mahjin is keen to obtain more funds in connection with some sort of nefarious activity (possibly terrorism related) he is engaged in.” []

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Khalid al-Barnawi (Niger Republic)

Khalid al-Barnawi is believed to be in his 30s and is reportedly a native of Borno State in northeastern Nigeria, which is Boko Haram’s main hub of operations, although some reports suggest he is actually a Nigerién citizen. He was one of three Boko Haram members to have been designated as a “foreign terrorist” by the United States in July 2012, along with Adam Kambar and Abu Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, which has been responsible for most of the violence in northern Nigeria (This Day, November 24).

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