US Report Confirms NewsRescue Warning Of Boko Haram Anti-Aircraft Missiles

Oct. 2, 2013

NewsRescue– A September US report has confirmed a warning NewsRescue has given its readers and the Nigerian government in several of our articles since 2011, about the significance of the Boko Haram threat and their access to anti-aircraft weapons which can be used against passenger airlines.

Our November 2011 article:

Boko Haram linked to Qatar, Western Powers

Whatever the reasons for the foreign meddling and support of terror in Nigeria, the danger is ever so grave. With the (foreign) invasion and destruction of Libya, thousands of deadly ammunition’s are all over North and West Africa in the hands of terrorists. These weapons include anti-aircraft missiles. The NATO mission in Libya was one of the worst in recent times, and possibly in history, with no control of ammunition and with the battle organized, fought and won by known terrorists (AQIM).

Even commercial airlines are no longer safe flying in the air-spaces over Africa, as these fall prey to targeting from anti air missiles in the hands of the new Libyan leadership (AQIM) friends and comrades all over the region.

Nigeria needs to be on highest security alert with securing of its Northern borders against penetration of arms and fighters from Libya and surroundings. Nigeria needs also reevaluate its ties with Qatar and the new Libya in consideration of the direct threat they constitute to peace and sovereignty of the Nation. Read more

January 2012, we again warned:

Boko Haram terror group leader speaks on youtube

The war with Libya released thousands of deadly weapons, including surface-to-air missiles, RPGs and other explosive devices into the Maghreb region available for terrorists, and regional governments, including that of Algeria have complained bitterly about the terrorism risk with the careless US operation against Gaddafi, a regional stabilizer. Read more

And in June this year, we again repeated this warning: Emo-journalism: Qatar and Boko Haram—Analyzing the Al Jazeera 3000 Civilian Death Claim

In the Punch September 27, 2013 article, a latest US report confirmed our warnings:

B’Haram linked to group behind Kenya mall attack • US report says Nigerian sect may have anti-aircraft missiles

A report by a committee of  the United States House of Representatives has linked the  fundamentalist Islamist sect, Boko Haram,  to al Shabaab, the terror group that carried out the September 21 Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

The report said that Boko Haram had “highly skilled bomb makers who might have received training  from experienced militants elsewhere, potentially indicating a stronger relationship between them and AQIM or Al Shabaab.

It said that besides building sophisticated weaponry, it was now possible that Boko Haram had acquired or will acquire SA-7  and SA-24  shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles.

Nigeria’s Jonathan government has thus far been unserious about Boko Haram and the threats they continue to possess.