Diezani And Jonathan’s Launderer Kola Aluko Sploshes Nigeria’s Money On Races, Naomi Campbell

Kola who lives in Geneva is a front runner for oil minister Diezani Madukwe

Oct. 21, 2013

NewsRescue– Kola Aluko, the make believe business tycoon, who is known to be a money launderer for Nigeria’s oil minister, Diezani Madukwe and the current president, Goodluck Jonathan has been spotted with the British ‘slut,’ Naomi Campbell.

Kola Aluko is known for his frivolous lifestyle, betting on races, racing with expensive cars in Germany, parties and lavishing Nigeria’s wealth in all other ways imaginable, all over the world.

Diezani Allison, minister of petroleum
Diezani Allison, minister of petroleum

Naomi Campbell is a well known pay-for-fun former British model who has been of service to numerous Nigerian corrupt millionaires, and most recently in 2012 was part of the case against former Liberian president Charles Taylor. She was alleged to have been paid blood diamonds by Charles Taylor for her services. Naomi is not new to helping African crooks spend the blood money of their poor masses. Her rates for a day of fun are somewhere around $500,000, according to those who know her Nigerian clients.

Kola Aluko was recently implicated according to Whistleblowers of being involved through a jet company he is on board in, Vista Jet, in aiding Diezani Madukwe in getting around in splendor as she used his private jets in trips tagged at over $300,000 a route to get herself and her family around on so-called official trips.

According to the source, Diezani landed Kola Aluko a choice allocation of pricey oil blocks through a company called Seven Energy.

The likes of Kola Aluko are also known to help divert $500,000 per petroleum supplying PFL to the coffers of Diezani and Jonathan for a total of 50-100 PFL’s per month. With these methods, many of Nigeria so-called business tycoons amass unimaginable wealth.

The recent Coscharis-Stella Aviation ministry BMW scandal, brings to light the type of dealings that these private-government partnered thieves conduct to loot money of Nigerians.