Enter Gusau The Foreign Spy, Exit 234 Girls, Enter AFRICOM

Aliyu Mohammed Gusau, a Nigerian spy for foreign intelligence agencies/governments

May 20, 2014


By Peregrino Brimah

As we prepared for Gusau’s return, after we heard that President Jonathan had discussed and arranged certain ‘private’ things with him and his name was nominated, 20 girls got abducted. It was this same period when the Yobe school massacre occurred, the remarkable events of his return also included the APC majority senate refusing to act in confirmation of Gusau and the other service chiefs’ appointments. President Jonathan appeared to have made a slip then when he said he might ‘pull the army’ from the northeast to prove their work. The Yobe massacre was reported as exactly that-the army stationed at the school were said to have been pulled. Perhaps his new minister or/and security chiefs had advised him to simply ‘pull the army,’ to get the Senate to confirm the new appointees? It worked.

Gusau’s return has thus far from the first minute been marked with a most distressing peak in Boko Haram terrorist activity. Check the dates and numbers of successful attacks and deaths to get a picture.

Nigerians are not afraid of curses. Perhaps Gusau does not do these things by choice, it is the deaths and blood of so many who they, he and the Babangida team killed that brings this curse on Nigeria anytime he is back in government. We warned about this but the people did not listen. We wrote and wrote before the senate confirmed him, but our senate is just so hopeless. How can we bring back a man from the murderous Babangida government who was part and parcel of all the deaths from the dictatorship and assassinations of our people? A man who had a hand in every single coup in Nigeria’s history: the Buhari coup, the IBB coup and even the Abacha coup, he did them all. This man is our head of defense. What do we expect other than the curses of the dead?

It was when this man was NSA under Obasanjo that MEND and Boko Haram freely came into being under the radar of the government. Reportedly when Obasanjo asked Gusau about Boko Haram, known as the ‘Nigerian Taliban’ then, Gusau said as reported by Steven Davies that ‘no such group existed;’ thus covering their formation. [See PmNews, Sept. 2011]  If anyone is to be blamed for the evolution of Boko Haram, is it not the NSA who was in charge and head of Nigeria’s security when they evolved? Yet, rather than prosecute Gusau who was again recently fingered as revealed by Nigeria’s security department in The Pilot, as linked to the Hezbollah arms cache found in Kano, we allow our wicked leadership make him head of our ministry of defense. Little surprise the military fails to respond for 13 hours and allows the free abduction of our 234 girls.

Gusau was a foreign spy all through his years as NSA. This die-hard-to be president was appointed as NSA yet always drove high-speed to the American embassy to complain and reveal all Nigeria’s government secret dealings to US ambassadors. He was/is a foreign spy. Simply google his name and wikileaks and you will see so many times he spied for them on us. The one single payment he expected and begged for was a visit to USEUCOM, the European equivalent of AFRICOM. You will find in one wikileaks report where they say, please grant him his single wish. You can see him grinning, ear-ear in the picture of his visit to USEUCOM.

Is it surprising our girls were abducted and Nigeria’s 168 million and our African partners could do nothing about it till AFRICOM and every single foreign nation interested were invited to land in Nigeria?

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