A Month After President Jonathan Is Disgraced In Kano Bombs Litter State

President Jonathan went dancing at a campaign rally, the day of the abduction which was also the day after Nyanya terrorist bombing that claimed 72 lives in the nation's capital, ABuja

May 20, 2014


Jonathan visits Kano, dances on the graves of Nyanya; Kwankwaso sweeps the ‘curse’ out, rain falls to wash the rest away – so sings Zarewa who gets arrested for singing. But was it too late for #Kano? Had the visit of the one with the hat already deposited the curse? A month after the one with the hat was disgraced in Kano, the bombs are flying left and right. God help! #DiaRISGODo!


The victory of APC at all l local government elections in Kano confirming the state’s rejection of the globally implicated ruling party, the week before the bombs was not likely unlinked to the terror.

The Ahmed Zarewa song that cemented the President’s disgrace in Kano