That Song The President Hates: “Zuwan Mai Malfa Kano” [VIDEO]

President Jonathan went dancing at a campaign rally, the day of the abduction which was also the day after Nyanya terrorist bombing that claimed 72 lives in the nation's capital, ABuja

May 3, 2014


On April 15th, a day after the first tragic Abuja, Nyanya bombing and the abduction of over 234 Chibok school girls in Borno, the president of Nigeria was strongly condemned for jetting to Kano for a dancing campaign rally. Ahmed Audi Zarewa sang a song about the president and got himself arrested for it. Here’s the song behind #FreeAhmedAudiZarewa.

We missed some points where we used dashes; but those missed are not more than two words. And then towards the ending we left out some parts that are just praise singing. I am no native speaker of Hausa language and the friend who helped me translate it is not one either, but we believe this is close to a direct translation. The song is titled “Zuwan mai malafa Kano,” this means, “The coming of the one with the hat to Kano.” We also tried to align the English translation in captions “cc” on the Youtube video:

Zuwan mai malafa Kano (malafa is the hat Fulani herds men use)

Visit of the one with hat to Kano

Said Ahmed Audu Zarewa

He is the marafa of Karaye (marafa a title in Kano and Karaye a town in Kano)

And the rogo of karaye

He’s a deputy in Abuja

Marafa says you should be told

The disaster of in the visit of the one with the hat to Kano

That was the day we confirmed that the PDP had been destroyed

It was the day PDP showed that they have spread a mistake. (i.e.:  the party was built on a foundation of errors)

It was the day we identified the salamander and separated it from the lizard

It was the day they showed that lying has been exposed.

It was the day we sat on the hill and observed the planes

It was the day we realized that dancing with the cloak is a mistake. (Cloak as in the traditional wear the Imams or the Arabs wear as an outer garment, Caftan)

That day we understood the pillar of the hat

That day we understood all factions

And the leader of their party has committed the father of errors (referring to a statement credited to Muazu when he said joining PDP is like joining Islam)

Everything is exposed and the masses have gone free

That was the day we realized that those with the one with the hat are liars

We are being reduced in style we are being killed daily.

That was the day we realized that the one with the hat is a learner in politics

That was the day we realized that he has been buying votes all along.

On that spot he said it himself.

On that day the governor of Kano showed that he’s a professional.

He swept their filth away; we are at home.

He swept and rain fell.

You see the disaster of the one with hat has been washed away.

APC our party has been spreading.

Because the PDP has buried itself and is now known to cause havoc.

From the cities to the villages, people now despise the one with the hat.

A day to his arrival people were crying in Nyanya.

Their lives have been killed and he is dancing. (The fool is dancing. Said with contempt.)

That day the people of Borno were mourning their children.

Their children have been stolen and he (the president) has been on campaign trail.

Three governors went to Kano with him.

There was Yuguda (also said with contempt)

Sule Lamido of Jigawa we are grateful.

The governor of Niger went after white colour.

The governor of Bauchi.

And the Kaduna governor wasn’t there when they partied.

There wasn’t the governor of Gombe

The speaker was absent too, Tambuwal

That was the day we realized that the hat has drawn dollar.

The dollars Sanusi mentioned.

Because he (Sanusi) has said how the dollars disappeared.

And Duna has been busy seeking dollars. (Duna is used to represent Shekarau)

He dropped his turban and headed to Abuja in search of dollars.

He bought a white horse ………..dollar.

Him and the old man that resides in Yakasai area

He can’t different food aroma but can tell the smell of dollar.

They give him money…….. Dollar.

The one who bleaches senator of cans is in trouble. (Cans referring to cream containers)

Because we can tell creams and we know colour.

The little trader has gambled and went looking for dollar.

And with the visit of the one with the hat. He realized that he has fallen.

He turned around to realize that Kano people were nowhere.

They gathered here, and others on horseback nearby (not noticing the gathering).

Others were busy playing football without noticing them, why?

He (Gej) got confused

And started calling Kwankwaso

He kept on talking about Kwankwaso, Kwankwaso

He kept calling Kwankwaso, Kwankwaso, Kwankwaso, Kwankwaso

You see he knows the entourage of Kwankwaso and knows everyone is lying. (Compared to the force behind Kwankwaso)

Kwankwaso is Kano; that people like Duna is lies.

Because the entire people of Kano share the same opinion.

He has seen and witnessed himself, we heard he has been saying so.

Kwankwasiya the one with the hat says. I have got that.

There’s Kwankwaso and there’s Buhari we know the cowboy hat is lying.

There’s Abdullahi Gwarzo this time am at home.

Tell Ganduje that university is here how is it?

There is Dauda.

Ismaila na Abba I greet you.

Tell the governor of Kano we are having the occasion of closing the cowboy hat (burning the hat).

Even Ibro is burning the cowboy hat.

While Ahmed Audi is a rights champion.

He said everyone should come for the occasion of burning the hat.

Mallam danced with his turban and the people of the hat are dancing too.

Allow the calabash to follow the calabash. Now we know the pagans in the open and those hidden.

They buy votes.

Sankarau has beaten the drum. (Sankarau in Hausa means meningitis its used interchangeably with the name Shekaurau in Kano)

Audu Gwarzo has heard.

Those with the hat are buying votes

Everyone should follow his kind.

Now people listen you will hear stories.

The entourage (people of the hat) of the hat know we and you are only waving.

Anyone who follows them will behave like them, we have realized that a long time.

Sankarau has beaten the drum.

Duna has said that northern election is to be contracted.

That Borno, Adamawa and Yobe should be rigged.

There shouldn’t be elections said Duna. His mouth should tear.

We hear the old man of najd doesn’t look at home. (The old man of najd is an Arabic term used to defined a mischievous or cunning old man old man)

He doesn’t know the smell not food but he knows dollar.

We thought he has aged wisely.

It is the age of the alcohol keg.

I heard Yakasai has said they should send him the hoe.

Maybe if he sees the hoe he will realize that he is near the grave.

We thought the old man is old. (Contempt)

They are confused now their party is in chaos.

We have followed APC our party.

There is no hat in our land because we have heard it has spread.

I’m going to Sokoto to greet the Wamako the seer.

He has seen the advert of the hat in the north heading for the wall.

He has heard the story that the town’s people have reached their level.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian