Forbes Names Nigerian Rogue Cabal Dangote “Most Powerful Man In Africa”

Dangote And former president Obasanjo; partners in looting Nigeria

Oct. 30, 2013

NewsRescue– Forbes has named Nigeria’s “business” tycoon, Aliko Dangote as most powerful person in Africa, ahead of all presidents including the Nigerian president Jonathan, and the 64th most powerful person in the world.

the cabal thiefForbes obviously based its selection based on wealth status only, as Aliko Dangote shot into wealth during the tenure of his age-long friend, Nigeria’s former president Obasanjo who literally sold the nation to himself through Dangote. It is believed that Obasanjo may actually be the wealthiest man in Nigeria, as he owns much of Dangote’s wealth. Obasanjo gave Dangote sole importation rights of many products, effectively crippling other businesses to the singular advantage of Dangote in an extreme oligopoly. Dangote was also able to purchase Nigeria’s assets, including Benue cement, sold to him at less than half the value. The desperately greedy and wicked president Obasanjo even sold Dangote and another rogue buddy cabal, Femi Otedola, Nigeria’s refineries, but luckily late president Yar’Adua overturned the sale.

Another landmark decision by Yar’adua is the cancellation of the 419 sales of the Kaduna and Port Harcourt refineries also at give away prices to Obasanjo’s economic friends, Aliko Dangote and Femi Otedola. Source

NewsRescue recently published on how the monopoly Dangote is given on cement pummeled him into stupendous wealth as he sells essential cement at double the global price to Nigerians, thereby extorting the nation that made him in the perhaps the gravest act of wickedness in history. Dangote company declares double quarterly profits from the milking of Nigerians on every bag of cement. See: Paying Double The World Price: Dangote Cements Nigerians In Poverty

dangote-cementsNigeria is a corrupt nation that has been taken over by the cabal, who conspire with the government to rob the country into harsh poverty. Follow this link to learn more about how Dangote robs Nigeria to his global wealthy status: NewsRescueThe Truth Behind Dangote’s Wealth, The Cabal, Tokunbo Ban And Impoverishing Nigerians

More from the Forbes survey as presented on PremiumTimes:

The 56-year old Kano born richest man in Africa is the only African on the first 70 names on the list, closely followed by Sudanese born telecoms magnate, Mo Ibrahim.

Mr. Dangote and the founder of Oracle, Larry Ellison (number 58) are the latest billionaire-entrepreneurs to join the list alongside 27 CEOs.

The businessman has a networth of $16.1billion and diversified interests in cement, sugar, flour, salt, petrochemicals, oil and gas.

The self-made billionaire announced in May his ambition to overhaul Nigeria’s petroleum industry, with plans to build Africa’s largest petroleum refinery in the country at estimated cost of $2billion.

nigeria-to-cabalThe 2013 list, which was released on Wednesday featured no African President while 17 other heads of state that run nations with a combined GDP of some $48 trillion made the list.

Russian President, Vladmir Putin topped the list as the most powerful man in the world ahead of American President, Barack Obama, whilst the general secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping, made the top three.

This is the first year that Putin is wearing the crown. Obama has been on the top of the list for every year with the exception of 2010, when Hu Jintao, the former political and military leader of China, was No. 1.

According to Forbes, “the Most Powerful People in the World list is an annual snapshot of heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who truly rule the world.”