Impeachment: 2nd Term Curse For Health Coverage — By Farouk Martins Aresa

Dec. 4, 2013


Presidents of African countries are embarrassed. If you are not tired of Obama, some of us are ready to impeach him. Mind you, that he can’t get anything straight has totally nothing to do with being African American. As the first black President of U.S.A; that ended U.S racism. It is a coincidence to have more manufactured obstructions on his path than all other U.S Presidents combined. Alright, opponents just happen to block that much of his nominees. No exaggeration.

Well, President Nixon’s second term curse was Watergate, President Carter’s was Iran hostages, President Regan was Arms for Hostages and President Baby Bush was Iraq War. So, President Obama must have one too: blown up feverishly into a crisis. Yes, computer glitches happen and companies patch it up or junk it. After all it is just an application to gain entry to buy products compare to traditional methods. But not from savvy Obama that defeated two Republicans.

Even Forbes Magazine prefers Russian President as the world most powerful. Romney & losers’ Co. had concerns many times that the Presidency was much over Obama’s head. American people’s 2rd mandate is ignored. They are now saying Obama knows more about how to win elections than how to govern. So they are going out of their way as usual to make life tough for him. Did anyone see how many drugs Obama was on, for depression on Saturday Night Live?

Obama also prides himself on Equal Pay law for women that every President had championed. He made a big deal out of it and signed legislation as his first act. Women cannot be fooled. May be that is why they voted for him then, not anymore. He is talking about Immigration legislation so that new comers and their children can vote for him. Oops, his Party!

The fact that he saved the world from the worst economic recession since depression was not beyond his capacity to govern because he had good managers to help him out. Despite all the monkey wrenches thrown into the economy by opponents that campaigned about jobs during elections, they only oppose every job measure Obama proposed. None of their folks is jobless. Republicans want him to fail badly. Cannot imagine how he survived all their onslaughts.

Oh, the Bin Laden capture was pure luck. Do not forget he did not do it. It was the Navy Seals that did it. They might not have existed during the previous President. Each time Obama talked about ending the Iraq War, he forgot that the previous President had a time table in place but never had enough time to get to it. So the credit belonged to the previous President, not Obama. He is now promising to end the war in Afghanistan. We wonder why.

Obama is just trying to justify his Nobel Prize on these wars. He mounted international sanction against Iran and chickened out of Syria. He could not learn how the previous Presidents dealt with North Korea. These are easy wars that United States could have easily won and he could have declared “mission accomplished” like his predecessor. This is the problem with Nobel Prize; they bribe people to be a potential dove. Oh Gadhafi? Obama was lucky compared to Benghazi!

Those of us that remember World Health Organization’s – Health For All By The Year 2000 – never knew that United States was one of those poor countries without universal health. But Americans contributed generously to that campaign all over the world.

People are just tired of Obama and Democrats saying United States already spend more money on healthcare than any other country and are covering less people, and not getting healthier. They claim other western countries are better than United States in infant mortality and living longer. Well, they are not looking deep, if they do, they will see that only poor people are not living longer and the infant mortality are their problem. Rich people are doing fine.

Obama is a big government spender and there are not enough rich people in United States to pay for his programs. He wants healthy and rich people to pay for the healthcare of those with existing health conditions, pregnant women even when pretty ladies are not pregnant and men that are not bisexuals. He wants to tell insurance companies how to manage the premiums so that he can cut into their profit by forcing insurance companies to send rebates back to insured.

Paul Kruger, that communist and another Nobel Prize winner had to support fellow socialist like Obama, of course, claiming Obamacare is bringing down the cost of healthcare:  Check it out.

Oh, the youth. Never mind their invincibility and the risk they take at play and at work. If they need care, emergency is there. If that is the case, you would think the rich would advise their children not to get health insurance. Not only are they covered by Royce health insurance, their families are. So, they advise others about the evil of Obamacare without alternative in 50 years.

Republicans are now going for Obama’s jugular, they are going to wrestle the youth votes away from him. Look at what he did to them after they voted for him. He wants them to pay more for being healthy so that they can subsidize their parents that refuse to die when their time is up. First he puts them under their parents insurance until they are 26, then cuts them lose. Youths will not be bribed, rather pay the penalty than pay discriminatory health insurance premium.

Who were the primary providers for these youths when in need? Look at how much they pay for car insurance because they blame them for most of the risky behaviors in case they have to be covered for emergency care. No credit for days they don’t drink, party, drive or in school.

Obama opponents have made a big deal out of the promise he made that if they like their insurance, they can keep it. People are losing the insurance they like yearly and every time they change or lose jobs. But this is different, Obamacare is trying to insure 40m; dwarfing by 7 to 1 number of people that were dropped by insurance companies paying for junk or snake oil.

These are the same people that cannot afford to get sick or heaven forbids get into accidents more than once or twice before they are cancelled. Some of them find out in hospitals that they were not covered for the insurance they think they had. But then, eh, blame Obama.

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