Jonathan Still Listed By Original Publisher As Worth $100 Million = 6th Richest African President

AS– Early Thursday Afternoon, Richest Lifestyle, a United Based publication which published a list of 9 African Presidents said the be the richest in the continent removed the name of President Goodluck Jonathan from the list.

Before the name of President Jonathan was removed, he was placed at the 6th spot on the list alongside his counterpart from Swaziland, King Mswathi III, with a net worth of $100 million (about N16.5 billion).

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Analyst said the US based publication may have removed the name of the President from the list following the threat by the presidency to institute legal action against the publisher if the report is not retracted and an apology issued.

The presidency had issued a statement condemning the report, describing it as another attempt to unjustifiably portray him as a corrupt leader.

It however emerged that Richest Lifestyle is not the original publisher of the list, and may have removed the list so as to avoid any legal complications should the President Jonathan make good his threat to sue for damages.

In the foot note of the publication, Richest Lifestyle had said, “Please note that this list was compiled based on information from,, and”

Further investigation revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan’s networth was actually a work of CelebrityNetWorth, a website that focuses on the life and style of celebrities worldwide. What Richest Lifestyle did was just to compile the list sourced from,, and”
Effectively, President Jonathan still remains the 6th richest African President despite the fact that Richest Lifestyle removed his name from their compilation.
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