Maiduguri War Against Boko Haram: “Civilian-JTF Took Over”

Civilian JTF celebrate after dispelling Boko Haram, capturing APC's and artillery guns


Not once, not twice have we heard that while the Nigerian army runs form Boko Haram, it is the other way for the Civilian-JTF who Boko Haram terrorists run from.

An unknown number of Boko Haram terrorists sent almost 2000 Nigerian troops stationed at Monguno running. The troops blamed lack of enough ammunition for their failure to defeat the terrorists. It is an all too common occurrence where it appears the Nigerian government is trying to have the soldiers killed as a sacrifice.

However the interesting turn in the story on the defense of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state was that 20,000 Civilian-JTF volunteers quickly gathered and with dane guns (local guns) sticks and stones they sent Boko Haram running.

Witnesses in Borno said that at a time the Civilian-JTF actually took over an army truck and drove it in pursuit of the terrorists where the army would not.

The Nigerian army is currently in disarray following the sacking of its 243 army battalion stationed in Monguno. Soldiers who fled to Maimalari barracks were refused refuge and directed by the GOC to “return and go recapture Monguno.” A ridiculous call.

However the situation is opposite for the Civilian-JTF who have been celebrating a victorious day where they fought bravely and deliveered.

Several Nigerians have been calling for the arming of the CJTF to be able to recover occupied territories in the northeast. Nigeria’s chief of defense, Air Marshal Alex Badeh promised he would be doing so in August last year, but this is now an empty promise as the government unfortunately lacks the will and honesty to do its bidding.

Soldiers given only two cartridges, can be seen fleeing in bathroom slippers
Soldiers given only two cartridges, can be seen fleeing in bathroom slippers