Must Watch: CNN’s Christian Purefoy Records “HUGE” President Jonathan Convoy in Lagos


The convoy Christian Purefoy discretely recorded in Lagos is no doubt one of the longest in the world. Someone commented, “are we at war.” PremiumTimes recently published how Jonathan’s movement in Abuja reduces security and paralyzes the parts of city for four hours, also the Lagos state governor complained that deadly robberies happen because security agents are pulled to secure president Jonathan. Recently also Maiduguri almost fell and Monguno fell to Boko Haram during the president’s visit because the president pulled the army to protect his campaign visit despite intelligence of Boko Haram’s attack in progress.

Christian Purefoy describes on Youtube,

Nigeria’s HUGE Presidential Convoy at Night

Published on Mar 22, 2015

I was just walking back to my Lagos apartment when President Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential Convoy drove past. I managed to film it discreetly – I did not want any of the security stopping and asking questions!


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