Mutiny Part 3: Army Wives Protest At Maimalari Barracks

May 24, 2014


Barely two weeks that soldiers in Maimalari Army Barracks in Maiduguri, the capital of troubled Borno state staged a mutiny in which the General Officer Commanding the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army, Major General Ahmadu Mohammed narrowly missed death, wives of the angry soldiers today revolted against the authorities of the Barracks causing pandemonium.

The angry military officers wives also marched on the office of the new GOC of the 7th Division of the Nigerian Army, Brig-Gen M.Y. Ibrahim to express their grievances over their welfare and that of their husbands on operations. Gen. Ahmadu Mohammed was removed after the first mutiny in the barracks.

Sources told iReports that what started like a peaceful demonstration almost went violent when an officer slapped one of the protesting women, an act which drew the ire of other women who went forceful in their demand for the restoration of Okada as a means of transportation within the barracks among other requests.