Nigeria Government Admits Stopping Vigilante Forces That Defeated Boko Haram, Liberated Cities

  • Wishes to put Ibn Fadlallah civilian vigilante super forces in back row, behind serially failing and fleeing soldiers


ihejirika bokoThe governor of Adamawa State has admitted summoning vigilante warriors of the Ibn Fadlallah civilian army. Governor Bala Ngilari claimed however, that the summoning was to enlist and train the warriors who were already successful in defeating and expelling Boko Haram from Mubi and Maiha. What type of training is however questioned, and who is training them? Is it the army who have been consistently unsuccessful against Boko Haram for the past six years?

The governor also claimed they wished to keep the vigilante warriors in the back row to the army? Back row to the sabotaged army of cowards who always flee Boko Haram? Will this not destroy the mojo of these vigilante warriors?

The Governor explained that the necessity of “screening” and training was because vigilantes arrest people and this was to keep this organised. The question again is, who will train them? Is the technique Nigeria’s police and army use to detain, collect bribe, kill and torture innocent people and free terrorists any better?

In our opinion it is the Vigilantes who should screen the military, especially senior members and chiefs of the Nigerian army as well as Nigeria’s politician leadership and screen them and train them on proper conduct, not the other way around.

Also explaining that they need to be in the back line to protect them from being bombed by the helpless airforce that can barely stay in the air. This being obvious bullocks. This is the same way the hunters were obstructed from entering Sambisa to rescue the abducted girls with the flimsy excuse of the forest being rigged with explosives. This government must think dying Nigerians are little children.

Boko Haram video shows Nigerian soldiers fleeing
Boko Haram video shows Nigerian soldiers fleeing

Speaking through his media aide, Phileas Elisha, the governor said that the warriors have been ‘helping the army.’ This was not very honest. The only reality is that the military may or may not be requested to help the Ibn Fadlallah patriot civilian warriors, not the other way around. The demoralised and sabotaged military under Kenneth Minimah and Alex Badeh is only good at helping itself to “tactical fleeing maneuveres,” declaring unilateral nonsensical cease fires and losing arms and ammunition and territory to Boko Haram. Nigeria has witnessed enough of this for the better part of the past six years.

The Adamawa government is simply obeying a script from Aso rock that worked in the past in Borno and is aimed at systematically rendering these brave and skilled warriors into impotent, toothless, bribed and corrupted agents of a failed system.

We believe the warriors will not allow this delay and will continue their noble mission with the full support of the Nigerian people who have been begging for them to arrive for the past six years.

The Nigerian government had their chance, now they should take the back seat as it is time for the Nigerian people.

After the government of Nigeria screens and arrests Modu Sheriff and Ihejirika then they can come and screen our last hope.

Meanwhile Sarkin Baka Adamawa, the head hunter who led the warriors to rout out Boko Haram and liberate Mubi remains in detention by the Nigerian security agents, after his home was burned down by Boko Haram terrorists.