Weep Not For Odudu Ukpanah: The Political Prisoner, By Eneh John

By Eneh John
As hours gets into days, days to weeks and weeks into months, we look at how far we have pushed the struggle for the Release of Odudu Ukpanah.
As a follow up to my last publication entitled: WEEP NOT FOR ODUDU UKPANAH: THE POLITICAL PRISONER, it smacks rear intelligence for people with very low level of reasoning mentality to try to turn Odudu’s case to an ethnic sentimental issue.
To everyone who has identified with the struggle genuinely, God sees your heart.
We did it before, we won.
We will win in Odudu’s case.
Our enemies will never triumph over us because, for this one, we can count them.
“Eneh,that guy is from ANNANG and you are going to fight for him, you are not even from there.”
The most annoying of all these messages is what i quoted above.
I don’t need to come from Akwa Ibom to identify with a genuine cause.
Just like my friend Fejiro Oliver once said, “the worst form of activism is SELECTIVE ACTIVISM.”
I am charging as many that will read this article, to live above sectionalism.
Live above tribal, religious and political sentiments.
It is the issue of tribalism that has kept some persons where they are today, instead of advancing.
When you are born in a state, grow up in that state, be schooled there, and never go out, it becomes part of the issues to be resolved which centres a person’s mindset around his immediate environment and renders the thinking faculty to a state of PAUSE.
Beyond the social media, Odudu deserves a word of prayer in your closet.
Beyond typing #releaseoduduukpanah on facebook, he deserves our defence beyond the prison walls.
This is a genuine struggle which must be achieved.
Odudu Ukpanah needs us more at this time…
The support for his freedom must not die…
This is not about party affiliations, its about asking yourself, what if i was the one in there?
How will the world have reacted?
Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, or any other religion, let the burden of this family be your burden.
Because the struggle continues…
Together we will make it happen.
Eneh John is a Journalist and Secretary, Coalition of Human Rights Defenders(CORHD)
E-mail: [email protected]