Boko Haram Burns Down Towns Across Borno As FGN Stalls Chad, MNJTF


Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah
Nigeria’s Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

As the Goodluck Jonathan administration continues to stall the military missions of the multinational joint task force, MNJTF and the Chadian armies most especially, Boko Haram has set on a mission of burning down all towns it can get access to and all towns it is about to give up.

As the terrorists set to leave Bama, they first burned down the town. Several other towns have suffered the same fate with buildings, farms and all other human economic resources burned to the ground.

A local posted: Damasak is still a  Boko Haram stronghold because our soldiers stop Chadians and Niger troops from progressing  just 8 kilometers away!

“Presently we have seven hundred soldiers from Chad, Niger, and Nigeria here in Gaidam! We don’t know no why they stopped here, we thought they will continued on their march against the insurgents so that by this weekend Damasak can be liberated but alas according to them it was ordered from above!!!” said  my friend who was in Gaidam last Friday!

The story is the same everywhere in Borno. Even some villages like Abbari, Saleri, Mainari, Musari in Ngala L.G.A of Borno state were  burned down  by Boko Haram who used to came there frequently in the night!

These people are still roaming around everywhere they want due to the mystery surrounding them and  their  masters!!!

We used to sneak out of the IDP camp in Fotokol in mid of the night to our villages in order to bring back our foodstuffs which we buried or stores in the village, but last week as we  came near, we realised the whole villages I mention above were burned down!! And all the foods we stores where gone! Our old men and women were all dead”!!! Said Mal. Umar from Fotokol.

Nobody has reached Ngurosoye up-to-date since Bama was liberated last week! The same  complaint as above. And our  people in the villages are suffering because they crops been  burned or were taking by force. Young men and women were also taking as war booties by this heartless and barbarians call Boko Haram.

Image: File photo from RoyalTimes