Escapee From Gwoza Describes Nigerian Army, Chad Involvement With Boko Haram


Today NewsRescue met with man from Gwoza whose identity we must conceal. His revelations are quite shocking.

The man told us that when Boko Haram took over Gwoza, on that day he saw military helicopters providing weapons and other dangerous material tot he terrorists in nearby villages. The man said that the villagers complained about this but no one in the Nigerian military responded.

Boko Haram pogromhas been limited to mainly Muslim north
Boko Haram pogromhas been limited to mainly Muslim north

He said before Boko Haram took over Gwoza, the inhabitants were told not to out that day that (soldiers) had security information that Boko Haram were in other villages. The soldiers then said that they will go and reconstruct the bridge that was bombed by the Boko Haram ( though he again narrated that actually it was not Boko Haram that had bombed the bridge in the first instance but soldiers) after they reconstruct it they again came back to the town and the next day they (the soldiers) packed all their belongings in Gwoza and the told the people that the were going to villages around to confront Boko Haram.

Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah
Nigeria’s Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

The people did not know the soldiers were actually retreating. Barely 3 hours after they left, Boko Haram invaded and took over Gwoza.

The man told us that the same tactics was used used in taking over Mubi; after soldiers said they planned to take over Michika but the bridge was already bombed and that they will reconstruct it; after they reconstructed it on that day DHQ sent weapons so that they will reclaim Michika which was taken over by Boko Haram. Again they allowed Boko Haram to capture Mubi.

Additionally, fuel tanker escorts with police or soldiers some times are seen going to the villages where Boko Haram are aalso taking food stuff and other materials. They park the trucks and leave it for the terrorists to come and take.

Ali Modu Sheriff

One of his sisters who ran away from Gwoza told him that when Boko Haram were in control of Gwoza, they were told that a special guest will visit them one day. To their surprise, in the morning they were called to come out and welcome the guest; as they came out they saw black SUV jeep from which SAS, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff came out with militants surrounding him and as he greeted them, he ordered militants to bring out money inside the second jeep which they distributed to them. Later in the late afternoon he (SAS) left.

The janjaweed connection: Idris deby of Chad with Nigeria's President and ex-Governor of Borno, Ali Modu Sheriff
The janjaweed connection: Idriss Deby of Chad with Nigeria’s President and ex-Governor of Borno, Ali Modu Sheriff

Chad Involvement

He also told us that one of his friends who come back Nigeria from Chad  last month told him that stolen vehicles including buses from state University Mubi with the name of university  written on the buses and with Adamawa state government plate number were being driven freely in Chad.

He said other Nigerian private vehicles with private plate numbers are  operating in Chad freely, and other stolen properties are being sold openly in many markets in Chad including building materials; he said to us that Chad only sent soldiers so that they will cover up their involvement in Boko Haram menace, if they are not involved then why does the Chadian Government allow stolen vehicles operate with Nigerian plate numbers, and the selling of other materials freely and openly in Chad without arresting the perpetrators or sending the  stolen properties back to Nigeria?