Democracy Or Demoncrazy by Alhassan Haruna

June 7, 2014

by Alhassan Haruna
EagleReporters | May 31, 2014 | 0

Democracy is a curse, it is evil,we don’t want it. This was exactly what I shouted in front of six well known professors, famous amongst them was professor Ango Abdullahi.Also present were eight Doctors who converge on 29th of may at Aminu kano school of legal studies kano for a lecture organized by the Redemption Group in collaboration with Mumbayya house (Democracy house). The group is chaired by the fire brand, fearless and consistent justice and freedom crusader, Alhaji Abdulkarim Daiyabu.A man locked in prison in the past by both the General Babangida and General Sani Abacha regime.This story will be for another day.

The paper was first presented by Abdulkarim Daiyabu on the viability or otherwise of the presidential system of government practiced in Nigeria,while Dr, Aliyu Muri of Yar’adua university proper a solution by suggesting the Switzerland model as the best alternative to the expensive and cumbersome presidential system practiced in Nigeria.

DEMOCRACY-FAILS-AFRICAGoing back to my earlier shout of «we don’t want democracy» in front of these learned academicians,i could only remember people at the background clapping their hands to my frustration. I further continued to give my reasons of why most of us viewed democracy especially in Nigerian context as a curse and evil.this emanate from the fact that in Nigeria since inception, democracy could only give negative output and outcomes.

While many of us students of Administration and management were told, lectured, and indoctrinated with the concept of democracy to be development in all facet. Theories postulated by various schools of thoughts, the likes of Karl Max, Todaro, Angelo Angepolis, the Marxist etc, cement this assertions and further made us to upheld the believe that ‘Democracy or never’. In addition,it was told for more than one hundred years that democracy is of the people, by the people,for the people. What these means is that your president is your servant,and all other elected govt officials are all servants whom are seen and regarded as leaders due to the representative nature of democracy.

The shouting marathon caused by my frustration of what democracy ought to be and what democracy is in Nigeria was born out of the present situation we found ourselves.

Two days earlier, I shouted in my house to the comment made by the senate president David mark as published by pointblanknews that «Democracy now firmly rooted in Nigeria» as I shouted NO, I heard my wife voice asking what is wrong with me, though,i didn’t answer her, but I answered the senate president that capital NO sir,instead ‘DEMOCRAZY’ is firmly rooted. How can you say such rubbish,ooh! I understand, just like ‘telephone is not for the poor’ your statement when you where minister of telecommunication. Your type are in lack of pity.Many are being slaughtered daily, corruption is now considered as mere pickpocketing not stealing. Intentional impunity to the law of the land,killing of innocent people amongst are women, children and the elderly. Rampant kidnapping, unprecedented disappearance of 40 or $20 billion dollars, wow! God, we have short stupid memories. The impunity is shameful,sick,uncontrollable,unimaginable,unbearable and unbelievable.

More of our anger goes to the proponent and promoters of democracy in the world lead by the US.How could you allow sick people to handle your democracy, how could you set a democracy as a system without checks and balances, you can see now they have turn your beautiful democracy to DEMOCRAZY.

In Nigeria,the judiciary,the house of assembly, the senate are now collaborators,they are referred to as accomplice in law circle. These bunch of self interest hungry statues lack the political will to check the excesses of the executives.

What the proponent of democracy is supposed to have done or should do to these savages, murderers and rappers of our democracy is to arrest them, take them to Guantanamo bay CUBA,first cut their tongues, then the flesh follows but feed it to the dogs.Collect back what they have stolen over the years and return it back to the people.Grind their skeletons and keep it safely in a bottle of history that the future generation yet unborn will come to the knowledge of the faces of the silent killers,thieves,rappers who mercilessly and brutally, hacked, parked, killed and buried our democracy. Though DEMOCRAZY is what is now rooted in Nigeria, these has made many of them MAD and CRAZY because they steal what they don’t even need.

Unless the proponent of democracy enforce this law we will continue to regard the present democratic dispensation as DEMOCRAZY in action.

Comr,Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]