Desert Border Military Base and Ammo Upgrade Needed To Counter Boko Haram – Military Source

General Ihejirika

Dec. 4, 2013

SaharaReporters can exclusively report that negligence on security measures advised following Boko Haram renewed insurgency is one of the reasons that largely made today’s attack possible by the sect.

The Nigerian military despite its denial are fighting the Boko Haram sect with obsolete weapons that are less inferior to that of the sect’s sophistication, and also poorly remuneration for the troops on the war front.

A military source confirmed that for over month, both the Federal Government and the higher military command have been advised on the need to station detachment of counter-terrorist troops around Sahara Desert with sole aim of crushing Boko Haram Islamic sect in view of the sect penetration in Nigeria through several borders with Niger Republic, Cameroon and Chad.

Yobe state, which is second stronghold of the sect, also had international borders with Zinder and Diffa regions of Niger Republic.

The formation of a military base, according to the source remained most viable option in containing the increasingly strength of the sect, who are getting training, support and other logistic support in the un-policed deserts that stretch from Algeria and Mauritania up to Niger and Chad.

The source who spoke on condition of anonymity, said, “It has become imperative for us to submit our candid position as military with sole responsibility of preserving Nigeria’s sovereignty. The terrorists find their way into Borno and Yobe via our porous borders. And their main planning and training is in the desert, afterwards they sneak into their camps inside Nigeria and so instead of waiting, we are proposing that we have full military base in the desert that would comprise both land and air operations.

“This is our submission to the government; it is dangerous waiting for them. They are becoming more sophisticated and organize by the day, and so we must move forward. Their trainees and those providing them with logistics are right inside the desert between Niger Republic and Chad.”, the source said.

Extracted from SaharaReporters