Why Emir Sanusi Is An Eye Opener to The Igbos – Emeka Nwokedi

June 10, 2014


Ogbujianyim Nwokedi
Ogbujianyim Nwokedi

by Emeka Nwokedi

Sanusi is an eye opener to the Igbos. Sanusi is a Hausa man, Chukwuma Soludo is an Igbo man. Sanusi is from Kano, Soludo is from Anambra. Soludo was once governor of central bank of Nigeria, before Sanusi, what did Soludo do to Anambra or Biafranland? Where is Soludo today?

He wanted to campaign and failed. Soludo is still in problem with his own people up till today, and so are all so-called Biafran representatives, who claim to lead the Biafrans; all past leaders of south south and south east, if the folk vote for them, after using the folks, they abandon them and choose to build houses in Yoruba or Hausa land.

Shame to all so called politician rich Igbo men, you are actually poor and not rich.

Sanusi has been uniting his people, making contacts, gaining connection everywhere in the world, training his people and putting them in order.

Sanusi knows his way, so no one should envy him. He knows the value of his people and his people sanusi-getty bbchonor him.

He has put all so called leaders to shame and he is intelligent more than most of them, so fear will not even let any one to near him. This is what every so called leader must learn: maintain who you are, organize your own home and your own people. Give them the space they need, do not occupy all the space alone, that is greedy. We have Nze na Ozo, Ichie, Eze Mmuo, spiritual leader.

I really like the great lesson in Sanusi’s role. Where are those Ohaneze living in Abuja and Lagos, do you see what leader means?