Kano Central Mosque Bombing: A Blasphemy? by Ahmad Shehu

False cease fire: President Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram

by Ahmad Shehu

It was a bright, spiritual and busy Friday afternoon for the people of  Kano state until around ten minutes after two o’clock when the happy faces turned sad, the lovely arena turn dull, as the happiness of observing juma’at prayer in congregation was deprived away by the bomb blast and later several gunshot at the famous central mosque of Kano state killing over three hundred and injured over two  hundred.

It was indeed a tragic event that shed tears in the eyes of many , left others broken hearted. Many folks believed that this cruel, barbaric and inhuman act was carried out because of the recent announcement made by  the Emir of Kano adjourning folks to stand up to there feet to fight against insurgency and help the security personnel in tackling insecurity and insurgency in the region, while others believe it is the government that hides under the umbrella of insurgence to achieve its political dreams; what so ever is the reason of this huge crime against humanity it is due to lack of security  of the present administration to protect its citizens against insurgency.

Religious places are sacred and harmonious where peoples goes to seek refuge, peace and tranquility from their Divine, a sense of calmness and hope for a better life, attacks on these places is indeed a blasphemy.

The Nigerian government  has boldly shown its inability to protect its citizens and to bring an end to insurgency in the northern part of the country it is now time for the populace to find solution to this act by empowering and supporting  the local vigilant group and religious sect to protect religious places.
Ahmad Shehu
Kano state