PUBLIC NOTICE: Governor Dankwambo’s Ballot Box Snatching in Gombe, by Muhammad Sani

It was March 28th, 2015. And it was the D-DAY for the Nigeria’s Presidential Election. All got set and Electioneering ensued.

The Euphoria was visibly seen in the Electorates for their inclination to the then Opposition APC particularly because of their believe that the APC Presidential candidate, General Muhammad Buhari, is capable of reversing their despicable situation of Insecurity and abject poverty. Thus they stood their grounds voting massively and waiting to protect their right irrespective of any impending possibilities of PDP’s usual malpractice.

The Governor Dankwambo’s camp believed the Election ongoing was unfavourable to them and decided to use some thugs to snatch the Boxes of his Polling Units (Gm 06 06 005) Kofar Manzo, and (Gm 06 06 013) Kofar Malami, all in Hassan Primary School, Gombe. Some Youths followed them, took the Boxes away and brought them back for the process to continue. But soon Nigeria Police Men came to the scene, tear-gassed the place and the whole community and carted away with the Boxes carrying the Mandate of fellow citizens.

As at the time I’m writing this piece, Hajiya Iyami Mai Sakala, a mother to Ahmed Mai Sakala, NLC Chairman in Gombe, the Governor Dankwambo’s Uncle of 79 years old and Khalifa Shehu Manzo are a few amongst those tear gassed still coping to recover from the dastardly Act of Governor Dankwambo’s Ballot Snatching Act.

I therefore appeal to respective authorities to remind Dankwambo that come April 11th no one should try anything Election Malpractice because the Laws of the Land will not be business as usual.

Sani can be reached via [email protected]