Yusuf “Ciaxon” Detained For 11 Days For Tweeting “Released” As Protests Staged Across Nigeria [PICS]

Mar. 12, 2014


Yusuf Isiaka Onimisi “Ciaxon”, beaten up and detained for simply taking and tweeting pictures on March 30th about a break-out attempt by Boko Haram terrorists in the Abuja detention center has apparently been ‘released’ after twitter and street protests and anger erupted across Nigeria and abroad.

Yusuf Isiaka Onimisi “Ciaxon’s” crime was exposing the truly desperate situation at the jail, which led to a shootout and 21 terrorist deaths; this true situation the military “lied” to the public about to play down, but Ciaxon, who was there–because he works right by the center–and assisted soldiers with water, etc, a brave patriot who tweeted his admiration for the Nigerian forces that day, inadvertently revealed to Nigerians how dire the situation actually was, leading to his detention, reportedly after severe beating, for two weeks.



Nigerians in these images of the protest, taken by our reporter at the ALausa area in Ikeja Lagos, are seen not only protesting Ciaxon’s release but all the many more injustices the nation, now in a barbaric era faces, an immigration employment deadly scam by its ministries, a missing 20 billion dollars exposed by the central bank, poverty, corruption, police brutality and more.

protest1 protest2 protest3 protest4 protest5

The popular opinion s tweeted below is that Ciaxon has not truly been freed.

J | #ShapeAfrica2014@omojuwa 6h

There are strong indications @ciaxon has been “released.” We also know he is not yet free. The “release” is a temporary distraction ploy