Boko Haram Devastates Nigerian Towns: Chad Goes To Rescue Gamboru


As Nigeria’s displaced persons returned to Gamboru a border town of Borno state, they had barely reached the villages than Boko Haram legions on motorcycles in their hundreds ravaged the city killing Nigerians in droves.

modu sheriff arrestedNigeria has been pushing for IDPs to return to their towns in a hurry in desperation to use them to vote for the president and to support the PDP candidacy in Borno as former governor Modu Sheriff, a named Boko Haram sponsor had promised the people that they will “vote from home” and has been desperate to fulfill this promise for his party.

Nigerians who had returned from Fotokol in Cameroon and were trying to salvage their destroyed homes fell victim to worse carnage as Nigeria’s security forces were nowhere and the multinational mission has been stalled of late by the Nigerian government with cooperation failing between Nigeria and its neighbors.

Several villages were burned to the ground by ravaging Boko Haram forces including Ndufu and Fuye before the terrorists left Gamboru under attack by the Cameroonian and Chadian forces and moved on to Kalabalge where as we earlier reported they were defeated and expelled by the brave citizen warriors.

Early Saturday morning, Chadian forces moved back in to secure Gamboru.

Nigeria has been accused of stalling foreign troops for electioneering purposes with the nation’s president more eager to use the credit of combating Boko Haram for political re-positioning than abating the situation as quick as possible with the means available.