BOMBSHELL: Oba of Lagos Was Paid By The PDP To Make Annoy-Igbo Scenario – Aid


An aid of the Oba of Lagos has communicated to us that he has evidence that the ruling PDP party paid the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu to make recent scenario address covertly aimed at galvanizing Igbo support towards opposition candidate, Jimi Agbaje, the Oba’s ‘blood relative.’

According to the source, the meeting with audio and video recording was an elaborately planned and staged scenario setup to be propagated days to the election to try to erode support for the APC contestant and consolidate Igbos toward Agbaje so he can score the type of votes in Lagos Jonathan scored courtesy of divisive politics.

The last minute plot was conceived as it became evident that Agbaje could not retain the voters that had been heavily bought (at rates of $100 per voter distributed around Lagos) over during the presidential elections, especially as the embittered PDP presidency has told aspiring governors to find their own way and sort themselves out.

The aid said he has evidence of the amount in the millions agreed upon as well as recording of one of the conversations that set-up the act. Though we have confirmed he is a current aid to the Oba, we have not yet obtained the full evidence from him.

Watch Lagos Oba Present The Scenario For The Opposition:

In the audio tape, the Oba of Lagos known for his thuggery and as he admitted, his close relationship with Goodluck Jonathan, is heard making some unusual statements, promising Igbos who came to visit him that if they did not vote ‘Ambode, his choice,’ they will die in seven days.

Opposition candidate Jimi Agbaje has come under spotlight for promoting ingenious conspiracies and concepts for selling candidacies by any means necessary including promising terror.

PDP Actor Jimi Agbage known for his ingenious ploys
PDP Actor Jimi Agbage known for his ingenious ploys

He was recorded January this year in London teaching a crowd that Goodluck Jonathan should be sold either by his achievements or by threatening the people that if Goodluck is not re-elected Nigeria would be disintegrated as Niger Delta terrorists will shut down the economy. That video of ‘the two scenarios’ to be use to campaign for Jonathan can be viewed here:

Video: Agbage Conjures Terrorizing Nigeria ‘Politics’ Scenarios To Promote Jonathan Re-election