Boomer/Hippies Who Recall Decades Old Drugs & Sex Culture, by Farouk Martins Aresa

by Farouk Martins Aresa

The law of advantageous relationships does recognize the uneven power between two sides: but can one claim to be a victim of his or her own culture decades after? Some powerful rich men took advantage of the young and underage girls for sexual pleasure. As it becomes more difficult to abuse hippie culture in rich countries, some moved on to no man’s island, cruise ship or Africa and Asia where sex abuse by priests is still kept secret by abomination and shame.

Generation of Anything Goes Baby Boomers in terms of drugs and sex now claim to be victims.  The victims are underage boys and girls; Africans girls recruited to European countries willingly as Italy; after voodoo swearing to obey and abide by the whims and caprices of pimps, mostly women. Some sex victims have been lucky enough to free themselves or helped by nonprofit organizations, while others perform sexual acts without realizing the fruit of their labor.

Indeed, some beautiful ladies from Europe and America have been shipped or flown to oil rich countries where they get highly paid but balked at the way they were treated. A few came back home and exposed such illicit travels, even when diplomats were involved. Such cases may be difficult to prosecute but innocent ladies have become aware of what they may be lured into when promises of money, exotic trips, food and drinks in paradise are made.

However, in cases of ladies and rich powerful old men looking for fun, United States raises more hell than Asia, Africa and Europe. No lawyers sought recalled or suppressed decades old sexual memories after status of limitation have elapsed. France found some sexual allegations in the workplace excessive since most couples meet at work. But the situation is changing; in Africa as President Jacob Zuma found out before he was exonerated and France’s Straus-Khan lost face.

Suppressed memories have controversial past. Innocent ladies are crying rape; escorts recalled rapes of decades ago when they were working at the Playboy mansion, in the Caribbean and on cruise ships. Most rape victims are so worried about reputations, they shy away from reporting assaults to police by few trusted friends that took advantages of them only a day or two earlier.

This is a new phase in the Women Liberation movement and many innocent ladies will suffer the consequences of bringing the important cause of women’s abuse standard so low that even “working girls” can now recall some abuses decades ago. It was not that they did not get paid adequately for the jobs they rendered, but they could have made it higher to become famous actresses. Wow! How many football players made it to the multimillion dollar contract?

Recall memories years and decades ago are not new but it can be abused. Some years ago many childhood day care teachers lost their reputation, businesses and lives over suppressed memories of children. This was a sensitive issue because children are the most vulnerable members of any community. Scientists, social workers and psychologists debated these recall memories and finally settled that some of them could be false. Even children can be influenced.

Another branch of these recalls were false memories that gained ground with divorced parents and their children. Courts were swamped with cases of fathers abusing their children. The fact that some of the allegations were true did not bring comfort to most cases that were false. Indeed, some children were used by both parents to get back at one another. In the process, relationships were damaged, reputation lost forever and innocent kids scarred for life.

There is a new dawn, a chance for fifteen minutes of fame, television interviews and possibility of overthrowing statute of limitations if some of these elder women were underage when they rendered their services while passing as adults. Society has decided that any children that were abused when they were too young and too scared to report their abusers can come forward after suppressing such horrible sexual acts after threats. Africans kids abused are yet to report.

So we have failed actresses and drug culture groupies coming forward trying to pass again for those abused as children by Catholic priests. There is a problem; they were in an entertainment industries that were known for sex or drug exploits in movies and televisions. The first audition is usually passing nude pictures around. So far none of these accusers have selected wretched, broke and unsuccessful actors to expose. They go for the jugular of those with money!

Haba, if you need US lawyer Alan Dershowwitz is it. He knows where these allegations are going and he is not going to wait until they get there before challenging them. Alan is one of the most reputable Harvard law professors that have built his career over several years. Mere allegations can damage such career and unlike others, he was not taking it lying down. Prince Andrew had to resign as British ambassador for business after a friend, Epstein, registered as a sex offender.

Legacy: Presidents slept with rainbow slaves, kept it! Dr. Huxtable is the Black legacy; not actor Bill Cosby frequent visits to Playboy mansion and only one of Hollywood’s sex and drug culture. Hefner, Kennedy etc got more ladies and “inhale”. Separate Charlton Heston from Moses movie.

Of course, some nice reputable girls, addicts and call girls happened to be members or frequent visitors to the Playboy mansion. So it is not surprising that some of the girls would recall a few decades back when they were touched or squeezed inappropriately only by the successful rich actors again and again. Many of us could have sworn that was the reason they went back. No?

When we compare sexual harassment with underage girls at these play-houses, resorts, work-place and at home; we have too many puzzling double edge swords to sort out. Nobody should be taken advantage of as an adult at work or children at home. It is much easier to punish such behavior at work than it is at home. Nevertheless, children are better off with sober parents.