#BoycottDR: Lynn Gives Heart Wrenching Personal Account Of Deported Dominican Haitians

by Lynn Gideon,

On Sunday I had the chance to visit some Dominican born and Haitian born who recently got deported from the Dominican Republic. Some of them don’t even speak the language, some have been living in DR for the past 40 years.

These people came to a ‘foreign’ country with absolutely nothing, just the clothes on their back.

How do you spend your entire life working and get expelled to another country with absolutely nothing?

I’ve learned from them that the Dominican police officers rip their papers and arrest them just because they are Haitian descent.

I saw a woman with a 2 months old bay, a 7 months Dominican born pregnant woman and they look so hopeless.

Till Sunday, not a mayor, not a senator, not one single official has visited them in Fond Bayard which is 5 minutes from Malpasse. I saw 40 people sleeping in one small classroom and they didn’t even have a mattress until the team I went with brought them some.

The situation is crucial and if DR is truly serious about Mass Deportation, that will add a major load to the poverty of the country. This man said he is going to commit suicide because he doesn’t know what to do, he left Haiti when he was 6 years old.

I need a country to start sending Dominicans back to their country so they can know how it feels and I need Haiti to get it together because history might repeat itself again with the amount of Haitians I see that are heading to Brazil.

If you want and plan to assist the migrants, please let me know and I will refer you to someone who are collecting items.

Oh one more thing, you should see the welcome center that the government put in place for them; only if it existed for real. We are so doomed and I truly don’t see a way out of this hell hole that we are in. ‪#‎Haitianlivesmatter‬