EXPOSED: President Jonathan’s Secret Wife And Kids’ Mother In Abuja, Madueke’s Cousin

Mar. 26, 2014


Unknown to most Nigerians, President Goodluck Jonathan has another wife, aside from Patience Jonathan who is his first wife. The existence of his second wife, Mrs. Lott Jonathan, popularly called Mrs. Lott J, is one major aspect of GEJ’s family life, which is consciously being kept out of the awareness of most Nigerians.

President-goodluck-Jonathan-and-Deziani-Alison-maduekeMrs Lott J is not just President Jonathan’s second wife, she is also the mother of his children – two boys. A Law graduate of Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Mrs Lott J is the daughter of Chief F.D. Lott, renowned lawyer and former Attorney General of Bayelsa State. She is the cousin of Dezieni Allison-Madueke, the controversial Minister of Petroleum, and the two are as close as blood sisters…

The Elites gathered that Mrs Lott J’s father is a member of the Governing Council of Niger Delta University in Bayelsa. Sources disclosed to The Elites that Mrs Lott J has been married to the president even before he made his foray into politics. It was gathered that after Jonathan became the Deputy-Governor of Bayelsa State, Lott J tried to muscle her way into his heart, by using her two sons as a bargaining chips to tie his hand. But she met a resistance in a fiery Patience, who foiled all her attempts. By the time Jonathan became the governor of Bayelsa State, he decided to relocate his second wife and two sons to the United States of America. Shortly after Jonathan became president, Mrs Lott J came back to Nigeria with her two sons, and made Abuja her place of abode.


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Sources disclosed that Mrs Lott J lives in one of the most highbrow areas in Maitama, Abuja. Jonathan is said to pay her a visit every Sunday. Described as a easy-going and self-effacing lady, Lott J owns and runs a private school: Aduvie Montessori International. It is situated in Maitama and rated as one of the best in FCT Abuja.

President Lied Under Oath

The President did not disclose his second marriage to Nigerians while seeking public office. Having more than one wife is also against popular Christian doctrine. The President is also believed to be sleeping with her cousin, oil minister Diezani. It is said that his chief of staff literally has to drag him out of her house whenever he visits her and is hypnotized by her exotic array of incenses. Recently he eloped with her while in the UK.

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