REUTERS Reports That Chad Spearheaded Regional Push Against Boko Haram While Nigeria Tarried

Idriss Deby accused of being behind Boko Haram


Chad continues to ensure the world recognizes that the small nation ‘spearheaded’ the regional mission that has put Boko Haram on its heels, while Nigeria only follows behind. Chad has continued in daily reports in global media like AFP and Reuters to express frustration with Jonathan stalling its advance to crush Boko Haram swiftly and expressly while accusing the Jonathan government of having failed and prevented regional cooperation in the past. The latest global release in Reuters describes how Chad liberated Dikwa before Nigeria told them to stand down, thus allowing Boko Haram return through the town, killing dozens of civilians:


In this part of Nigeria – until now, Boko Haram’s heartland – residents have learned to flee the Sunni militants’ bid to carve out an Islamic caliphate. But the tide finally appears to be turning against them as Chad has spearheaded a regional push against the group and Nigerian forces notch up some military gains as well. Chad’s victory at Dikwa is one that Nigeria would have like to have called its own. Its army chief previously said his soldiers listed Dikwa as a town that troops wanted to recapture before elections, due to have been held in February but pushed back to March due to insecurity. – Read full at:

The question is: who is lying? We earlier reported and alerted in an article written by our contributor, Dr peregrino Brimah and ENDS, when Chad unilaterally decided and promised to invade Nigeria to battle Boko Haram. the Nigerian government at the time failed to react.