Why the Conspiracy Against Senator Adokwe Will Fail; By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
First and foremost, as a progressive youth’s leader in Nasarawa State, I am highly committed to the promotion, advancement and celebration of Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe of Nasarawa South Senatorial District. Just like lovers of Sai Buhari, I wear T-Shirts with his names and picture on.
I understand him and I have written series of articles in trying to make people see him in as best thing that has ever happened to Alago Nation and Nasarawa State as large.
As a social and political commentator, I understand perfectly that the Al-Makura led government in Nasarawa State knows that Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe is one of the key strategists of the PDP in Nasarawa State. He thinks outside the box and has uncommon expertise in plotting the logistics of electoral campaigns for the next gubernatorial election come April 11th. So strategic that if the mandate given to him by the peoples of Nasarawa South Senatorial District could be stolen, the Nasarawa State APC plot to overrun the PDP in the next election will be easier to achieve.
It is on record that Senator Adokwe is one of the key grassroots mobilizers of the  PDP in Nasarawa State based on the structure he has on ground across the State, particularly in the Nasarawa South where he has demonstrated utmost capacity to roll back the territorial gains of his party’s opponents.
There is no doubt that politics is an uncommon competition for power. The nearer to the election, the more desperate is the urge to put down your opponent. Because electorates are the ONLY peoples’ that will always determine the outcome of any election, as such, the battle for their attentions is critical to the battle for their votes.
The unsuspecting general public have been awash with syndicated negative bombardment of Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe in the recent times. The real aim is to distance him from his teeming followers, demonize him as someone undeserving of their affection and devalue his political stature and by extension the attraction the PDP generates in Nasarawa State as demonstrated during the last Presidential/National Assembly election where the PDP won the state with wide gaps.
I am not unaware of the fact I will surely disappoint some section of Hausa/Fulani loyal to me in Nasarawa State based on the bitter truth that I am about to release to the general public, kindly forgive me but at the end I shall be praised for my doggedness in the struggle for the emancipation of Alago Nation, the Hausa/Fulani cum Kanuri in Nasarawa State are not comfortable as Senator Adokwe continues to be relevant in the Nasarawa State politics and Nigeria by extension that’s one of the reason  why the conspiracy against Senator Adokwe will FAIL .
When such incredible falsehoods no longer solidified, the pseudoscientists of hatred have come up with noxious fallacies. It is to these fallacies that I now turn.
As Youth’s leader very close to Senator Adokwe, I got used to Senator Adokwe would invite me to his private house in Abuja and the first question would be: what are youths and students saying? He always made sure he stood on the popular side of their demands.
Those who seek to demonize Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe attack his person to destroy his political value because they know there is a place they dare not go: his legendary achievements. Who built the E-Library in Keana local government that it became the only Local government Area in Nasarawa State with world class standard facilities? Senator Adokwe. Who initiated a mass employment Programme that mopped unemployed graduates from the streets Nasarawa South through NOA, INEC etc. Senator Adokwe. Who began the infrastructural renewal of primaries schools in Nasarawa South? Senator Adokwe. Who empowered thousands of youths /Students financially and otherwise in Nasarawa South? Senator Adokwe, I could go on and on mentioning his achievements but space will not permit be to continue.
The antagonists know very well that if they succeed in snatching the mandate of Senator Adokwe, a defender of the people and Alago Nation, there would be no men of courage with the financial capacity to fight the lords of APC in Nasarawa State.
This conspiracy must not be allowed to stand because of the danger it posed not only to Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe as a person but to the poor and helpless peoples’ especially the youths in Nasarawa South Senatorial District.
It is a known fact that no human being is perfect likewise Senator Adokwe is not perfect. But he has shown that he believes in the life of an ordinary person in the Street of Nasarawa South Senatorial District. His investments are here in Nasarawa State and they provide employment for thousands unemployed youths unlike that of some APC chieftains in Nasrawa State that their investment are in foreign countries.
As youth leaders we are convinced that Senator Suleiman Asonya Adokwe deserves our solidarity at this trying time in the history of Nasarawa South that those who have no vision seek to shadow our vision.
This is the Senator Adokwe that as a person, I celebrate every day and night.
This Too Shall Pass, Nothing More, Nothing Less.
Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah Is a Social and Political Commentator, @ik_dallah on twitter, writes from Lafia, Nasarawa State.