Globalist Media: Dead Shekau “Releases” Another Fake Video; But There’s No Video

May green screen

Apr. 19, 2014


Once again the propaganda globalist media is here again to fool and further frustrate Nigerians. AFP has again claimed there is a new Shekau video in which he claims the Nyana bombing; however there is no such video to be seen, not even a screen grab. This is the umpteenth time such malicious propaganda is being spread and Nigeria’s unprofessional media is again re-broadcasting this without even seeing the said video.

We have serially proven that Shekau is dead and there has been no new video from him, only fake clips and purported video’s that are never released.


Another Fake Shekau Boko Haram Video Purportedly Released With Threats To Refineries

Feb. 20, 2014

Our readers are quite familiar with the series of fake video’s of the dead Shekau, R.I.Pieces, exquisitely released by the French AFP news agency… or rather most video’s never surface and at best 5-10 seconds clips of fake, ghost-like Photoshop video’s are usually released at last, after we insist. See: NewsRescue-Boko Haram: Global Media Busted Promoting Fake Images Of “Ghost” Of Shekau

In the latest hoax, dead Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, R.I.Pieces, is claimed to threaten Nigeria’s oil refineries and former presidents Buhari and Babangida, and the Shehu of Borno and Emir of Kano. This fake news can be seen here: PmNews.

This latest purported video will prove to be the greatest evil hoax of them all. The claims made in the yet to be released video are so foolish and preposterous, the media agencies must seriously take Nigerians for idiots. It appears certain foreign bodies are desperately interested in provoking unrest and religious strife in Nigeria.

NewsRescue recently covered how an attack last week on the homogenous Muslim-Christian village of Izghe, that killed over 100 Muslims and mostly Muslims was purposefully distorted by the global media, including agencies like CNN and VOA, and propagated as an attack killing mostly Christians and on a Christian village.


New Video Of “Shekau” For Just 10 Seconds Is Biggest Media Sham! Why?

Nov. 4, 2013

NewsRescue– 30 hours after it was announced by Nigeria’s dangerously careless media and AFP that Boko Haram’s dead leader, Abubakar Shekau had somehow released a new video claiming the Damaturu attacks, AFP has finally responded to our calls for the video.

Released on Youtube is perhaps the biggest sham in the history of terrorism media.

Shekau or rather his ghost appears for just 10 seconds and barely says more than “Alhamdulillah” in the clip which totaled just 33 seconds.

It is really laughable and begs the question- is there a shortage of digital video film in the tomb? Maybe no electricity in the cold below to charge recorders? Why would a propaganda video released to confuse the gullible, be just 33 seconds? Is it AFP that cuts the videos short so as not to lose their credibility, having announced they had some worthwhile story, and then finding the videos sent from their Boko Harm contacts are total shams?

In the latest video, in the brief 33 seconds, in which star Hollywood actor, the late Shekau featured for just 10 seconds, apparently to deny Nigerian government allegations that in his previous fake video, he did not brush his teeth, Shekau’s blurry ghost quickly took chewing stick up to mouth, before the screen was taken from him to show some battle scenes for 20 more seconds.

Yeah, “Shekau” we are convinced it is you.

Latest 10 Second Sham Video of Blurry Ghost of Late Shekau

This latest sham video clip is very identical to the August video below, also circulated by AFP, which US Council on Foreign relations discredited as that of an imposter, except it has a black drape over the old background and Shekau’s image appears to have green-light peripheral shine around it indicating super-imposition.

Older identical video of imposter according to CFR analyst

It appears “Shekau” did not wish to risk thorough investigation of “his” video clips and hence, he made it as blurry, as distant from the camera and as short as possible. 10 seconds only, enough time to say 5 words and quickly brush his ghost teeth!

The question the world asks is why?

Why are the global media struggling so hard, more desperately each time to show dead Shekau as alive?

Why are they promoting all sorts of glaringly fake video’s of the man? What is their gain?

Who is struggling so hard to terrorize Nigeria with media propaganda of the bogey-monster?

NewsRescue has busted several recent claims of new videos from the same actors. Infact we realized that we let one slip past us this May, when we did not request the video and none was ever released. The entire Nigerian unprofessional media took the bait and spread it themselves then, without anyone ever seeing the video; and AFP didn’t bother to release it then. That time as can be seen in the image below, the still image they presented from the never released video was the most absurd ever! Crazily, media like Yahoo, Fox news and others actually used the caricature still image.

Follow these links to see the ridiculously FAKE, floating over-sized head Shekau with the same green-screen, similar to the September “I am alive” video, in globalist media reports from May 29th, 2013: FoxNews, AFP hosted on Yahoo, JapanToday, StarAfrica. AFP never produced the video these images were said to have been taken from in May. This was a very, very poor photoshop job.

See more on that expose: Boko Haram: Global Media Busted Promoting Fake Images Of “Ghost” Of Shekau

Our report from earlier today requesting the video not yet released 24 hours after-

Photoshop: Another Fake Claim Of Late Shekau “New Video” Makes Rounds In Mischief Global Media

Nov. 4, 2013 NewsRescue– They are back! The mischievous and terror promoting main stream media (msm) is back again claiming a new video from the dead Shekau. Once again as usual, no video has been shown 20 hours after their claim. NewsRescue thoroughly debunked the most recent video released by these same media in which a photoshop Shekau is seen in front of a Hollywood green-screen, with a floating head. The same background green screen and video was used to create two fake impressions of released videos by these same media. One still-picture of a purported video, with no video ever released was pushed out way back in May by the AFP, and then the same Shekau impression, which likely comes from his old archive videos, was used with people around him in another propaganda video in September. The latest fantasy in a yet to be released video, claims Shekau walks around showing ammunition and claiming he personally conducted the recent Damaturu attack on Nigeria’s army. This time AFP quickly stated that they could not verify the video’s authenticity. Distancing themselves and protecting themselves from our condemnation.

Our team of experts await this so-called video, hopefully to be released after the photoshop is completed.

May Picture, No video ever shown to public: Green Screen Floating Head Ghost

See this unbelievable monkey caricature image actually published in global media: FoxNews, AFP hosted on Yahoo, JapanToday, StarAfrica.

May green screen
May green screen

September Video: Same Green screen, photoshop with people

September green screen + people
September green screen + people

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