Soldiers, Police Harassing, Killing Innocent People in Gombe State, Citizens Complain

Nigeria's Chief or Army, Kenneth Minimah

IG Wala

Soldiers Again In Gombe, Why The Harassment On Innocent Citizens?

No please! No. This is unacceptable. On the 9th of March, 2015, some Soldiers went to withdraw money through the ATM at First Bank in Gombe town, they went straight to the machine, cleared everyone away and wanted to use it. A young man demanded to know if it was right for uniform people to disobey the rules they met on ground? One of the soldiers forcefully went ahead, withdraws money and they also forced the young man into their vehicle then, took him along with them. The next information that came to the family was that, the Soldiers are suspecting him to be Boko Haram.

Abdullahi Adamu Minangi, a young man in his early 30s, never in his life lost touch with their family business in Gombe Main Market, he has been in the market vicinity right from his childhood. For all his friends and family members that heard about the incidence, furiously reacted against what the soldiers did. This is a clear case of military brutality against innocent civilians.

Why on earth Soldiers are pushing the youths into all forms of frustrations, why will Minangi be subjected under such condition simply for demanding for orderliness? Why are they taking us for granted? Do they think that an injury to one is not an injury to all? We demand for his release immediately.

In a related development, another young man by name Yusuf Muhammad from Shamaki ward in Gombe was riding on his motorcycle got hit by a Military Vehicle. The 2 occupants (Soldiers) in the Toyota Hilux could not even stop, as if it was an animal that was hit. The incidence occurred yesterday by 2.15pm, still, Yusuf is critically laying down in a hospital, the fear is that he may not survive. It was reported that, the vehicle was on a high speed in a congested location known as ECWA 3 Junction in Arawa, Gombe. Yusuf Muhammed is a member of First Aid Group of the JIBWIS, Gombe State Chapter.

We are still mourning the death of Lukman that was killed by a trigger-happy-drunk Police man.

The High Level Of Killings And Harassment Of Citizens Coming From Military And Police Is Enough, We Are Calling On Authorities To Quickly Intervene. Meanwhile, All Organizations Should Be On Standby For A Protest Against Military And Police Brutality In Gombe.