Saudi Arabia Wishes To Invoke Global Religious War: Promises Action Against Iran, Syria

Dec. 18, 2013

NewsRescue– The Saudi monarchy has threatened direct action against Iran and Syria which it describes as necessary for ‘safe-guarding’ the Middle East.

This threat of action was contained in a message by a top Saudi diplomat, Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz who accused the west on ‘inaction’ in the New York Times.

Over 70 Saudi Wahhabi clerics recently issued a fatwa invoking Muslim fanatic youth to go fight and die in Syria.

The Saudi regime has gotten terribly desperate as their financial and political efforts to reign terror and destabilize and destroy Syria have largely failed.

Saudi prince Bandar had offered Russia billions of dollars in bribe and promised that they will stop Chechnyan terrorists linked to the regime from disturbing the Russia Olympics; this in a bid to get Russia to support a bombing campaign against Syria. Russia rejected this.

The Saudi royals regime had also promised USA to pay for the bombing campaign, but as the Pope, the Syrian grand Mufti and others prayed for peace and no bombing of Syria, a peaceful solution magically came about and the Obama planned bombing campaign was called off.

As US has signed a 6 month peace deal with Iran, the Saudi dictatorial regime, accused of sponsoring terror globally have become terribly desperate and are attempting by all means to provoke and instigate Muslim youth fanatics to go and fight and die in Syria.

The Saudi regime also has nuclear arsenal and what they might intend to do is worrisome to the world, progressing on a path of peace.